Rustic camping in a Tipi for 2 by Mt. Rainier 4
Rustic camping in a Tipi for 2 by Mt. Rainier 4

My place is close to great views and family-friendly activities. You’ll love my place because of the coziness and the views. My place is good for couples, solo adventurers, families (with kids), big groups, and furry friends (pets). 2 twin beds- extra cushions available for additonal fee for up to 4 campers- heaters, and lanterns upon request! Warm and dry aiuthentic plains indians teepee camping in the Mt Rainier Foothills! Shared bathroom and communcal kitchen! Be close to nature


The farm is a 250 acre farm complete with animals, dude ranch style activities, mountain hiking and adventure tours. It has a river running through it and is a rustic place over 120 years old original construction from a timber farm. You will drive in on a small
Road through a big forest of alder cedar and more the road on the farm is rustic so at night it is dark so plan ahead to try and arrive during check in cars park at the farmhouse and then you can walk your things down to the tipi area. Tipis are 22 foot tall colorado yurts they are carpeted so warm in winter and cool in summer, they have rain caps on them to keep weather out. Our accommodations are similar to what the natives had, however we do have mattresses on the ground for more comfort and have air beds, cushions, lanterns and propane heaters available by request as well as sheets bedding and pillows. They are simply decorated with some Indian accents. It is important to note this is the Pacific Northwest so it does rain while tipis are mostly moisture proof sometimes they aren't due to wind or an issue with the door flap. Mud, creatures, animals and other interesting things can be in your tipi, we keep them as clean as possible however it is an outdoor accommodation. I would look at it as camping so bring your camping gear- if you don't have any you can borrow/ rent from us. We are outfitters.


Guests can access the entire farm except for inside animal areas, guests can use the farmhouse for wifi, potty and shower when it isn't entirely rented or otherwise there are portopotties on site for use.

If you are missing anything please ask as tipis do not come stocked due to weather and wildlife concerns


Our service team is available on site 9-5 however can be reached by phone at all times- further they will respond to requests within 24 hours


Please note that this is a rustic camping experience in the northwest we experience weather changes here rapidly - tipis are not fully outfitted so you must either bring normal camping supplies or request then onsite. By request you can arrange sheets,blankets, heaters and lanterns- propane and firewood are available while supplies last for a cost- please inquire at the farm house


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Cool place to stay near Mt Rainier. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. Not run like a well oiled machine but they pretty much are upfront about that, don't expect 5 star service. Final tip: If you won't be in a 4x4 or a vehicle you're comfortable getting dirty I wouldn't recommend.

gorgeous property and extremely helpful staff. even got to feed cows and pigs in the morning. really awesome experience and very close to mt. rainier.

I am hesitant to be honest here because the potential this place has is immense. We were greeted by friendly hosts on arrival and they were welcoming and told us to help ourselves to anything... but we were told they couldn't find our reservation which they eventually did but our tipi wasn't ready yet... So we go down to the tipi and it's a complete mess- empty water bottles and covered in grass, dirty bedding, etc- we were very understanding that they weren't really expecting us because of some issue with their booking person and there are no clean blankets at this point so she tells us she will have to wash some. So we head out for hours - went to the park and stopped at a few places, had dinner, etc-- we came back to brush teeth in the farm house and just to double check, ask the innkeeper to verify that there's blankets and bedding in our tipi and she tells us that "the washer has been really slow" and there still aren't any clean blankets (it is 9pm at this point-6 hours after we got there) so she handed us two comforters that were in a pile of dirty laundry next to the bathroom and said "they don't smell or anything, you guys can use these." So no other choice at this point, we go down to the tipi carrying our used blankets, and realize there's no pillows anywhere. At this point we just slept on what was there and made it work and slept without them because it was pouring and we weren't walking back up in the dark rain to ask for pillows... The space is as described and pictured, they were friendly, we had a delicious hot breakfast in the morning made by the innkeeper, and I love that they rescue animals. We picked blackberries that were everywhere and delicious. I guess I would just be wary of just how casual this place is- and if you're aware, and fully prepared with what you need, you'll be good.

Beautiful working farm with a small collection of tipis and a farmhouse. While the price was steep for what we received, we had a good night's sleep, woke up by a brook and were able to enjoy a gorgeous day by Mt. Rainier.

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We stayed in one of the tipis over the 4th July weekend. The property is an old farm and offers great solitude. The location was very close to Rainier NP, which was convenient. The tipis are nice and bright, but we are glad we brought our own sleeping bags since the blankets provided were just a thin fleece and temps did drop. The heaters during the summer are not large heaters shown in photo, but smaller propane heater. Nice campfire ring and lots of opportunity to socialize with other guest. The tipis are large and bright. Some potential drawbacks were conditions of property that could easily be fixed (old couches left side of road). Also, there is only one shower for all tipi and house guest, so line does form. Our tipi did have a wasp nest, that luckily, its residents went to sleep when we did. The owners intended to have it removed once we left. It is essentially camping, but in tipi, so to classify it as glamping is bit exaggerated, and the price a bit steep to essentially camp, BUT, there is a lot of potential for the location, and a lot of things that will likely improve with time. It was clear that the owners are working hard on the place. Overall, it was a nice stay.
Wasp nest has been removed! We are working hard here and appreicate your feedback.


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