Peaceful Flat by Victoria Park & Village
Peaceful Flat by Victoria Park & Village




2 - 12岁

Nice and bright basement flat 3 min walk to Victoria Park & highly desired Victoria Park Village where you will find pubs, shops, top and relaxed restaurants, organic shops & cafes.

A Double bedroom, a double comfy sofa bed + one single futon and a nice living/dinning room. There are plenty options of public transport and parking (free parking during the weekends + 10 AM - 5 PM on weekdays)

You’ll love my place because of its location, coziness and ambiance.

1张大床, 1张沙发床

可住: 4
卫生间: 1
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 08:00 - 10:00
退房时间: 12:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 $28 / 晚 多于2位房客
清洁费 $42
押金 $418
满1周立减: 20%
周末价格 $110 / 晚


- Shoes off at the front door
- Treat my home is if it was yours
- No loud noise after 10pm during the week.
- Wash after yourself, dishwashing is not included on the cleaning fee.
- Only toilet paper inside the toilet please: Absolutely NO baby wipes, sanitary towels, tampons, cotton or objects. This will JAM it and you will have to pay for a plumber or a new macerator.





This is the first review I’ve written which isn’t positive and have thought carefully about it as don’t want to wilfully damage someone’s chance of getting bookings. However, there were some issues that resulted in our security deposit being taken, which I feel is unfair. I therefore feel that it is appropriate to make potential guests aware of these issues prior to booking, as they are not apparent when reading the profile for the flat. The toilet is not a standard plumbing system, it is a saniflo/ macerator. We were made aware of this when we checked in, and also the particular technique for safely operating the flush. There was a sign outlining this also. Unfortunately, evidently at some point during our stay we attempted to flush a baby wipe which, after we had left we were informed had broken the system. We were told that a plumber found “1-10" wet wipes in the system, and although we don’t actually remember flushing any, it appears that we did absent-mindedly flush one or two. However, we are absolutely certain that it would not have been more. We can therefore conclude that the toilet broke by the introduction of a very small number of wet wipes. When flushing the toilet, the system made a disturbingly loud thumping sound that could be heard throughout the flat. In short, it did not sound or feel like an effective or safe system, a fact reinforced by the fact that it broke down so readily. We certainly don’t feel that it is an adequate system for a rental at this price point. Indeed, we regret to say that our impression of the flat in general was that it did not justify its price. The kitchen had not been cleaned, as evidenced by several cobwebs and caked-on-dirt in the mugs. Moreover, the plumbing from the boiler to the bathroom was exposed, running through the kitchen along the floor. It is plastic piping, and did not inspire confidence. Indeed, one morning we found one of the joints had come loose and caused a leak in the middle of the kitchen floor. It was a simple matter to re-connect the loose pipe, but this is not something one would expect to have to do in a rental at all, let alone at this price. in conclusion, I regret writing this negative review as I do not enjoy undermining people. Indeed, I would not have written it if we had not been charged for the broken toilet. On this point, I recognise that it is likely that we broke the toilet. However, we feel that the toilet was not fit for purpose, and indeed, the flat in general did not meet the standards of comfort and robustness that the price suggested. As such, we resent our security deposit being taken as it feels like we are paying for the maintenance of a substandard flat.
Hi Emma, sorry we had to take this to the resolution centre. I think your review is a negative due to the payment of the damage with your deposit, both parts me and Aibnb agreed it was fair. All basement flats need a saniflo/maccerator, its just the only way they work, I’ve never had this problem because I only put toilet paper inside, and I’m glad you accepted here that I’ve made you aware of this before your stay. I wish you where more honest about this from the start, we could have even agreed something better. You guys where always grateful and nice about your stay in the flat (I have yours and Rob’s messages to prove this), until you found out I was going to ask you to pay for the repair of the toilet, so im sure there where many positive things about your stay in my cozy nice flat (i.e didn’t add extra charge for your daughter, my daughter’s toys and books for her to play, all the snacks, drinks & toiletries provided, fully equipped kitchen, nice area, etc). Also, the flat was very clean and tidy, I personally checked everything, sorry if there was a dirty mug but there where plenty of clean ones. Surely there is space for improvement and I will definitely take more care. Thanks for showing me how to improve as a host and to be more careful at check-out.


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