All White Minimalist Penthouse Loft




2 - 12岁

One of a kind corner unit. White washed walls and ceilings providing a blank canvas with a stairway to an open loft, 16 foot ceilings, full kitchen and bath, and killer corner windows that flood the place with light and sport an insane view. Perfect for any shoot!


**Do Not Instant Book. Please Read House Rules first and email directly for booking. This space is one of a kind. It's truly a blank slate for anything your creative brain can make up.


You'll have access to the entirety of the loft, with exception of the top loft space. Aerial shots can be discussed per job.


I'll be in contact with you from the booking point on. Either my production manager or I will check you into the space and be present to oversee the location as well as to finalize wrap out details.

Booking Office Hours are from 9AM-6PM PST, so if you're contacting outside that window, you'll hear back from me the following morning!

可住: 4
卫生间: 1
卧室: 1
床铺: 2
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客: 10 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)
清洁费: 100
押金: 100


- **DO NOT USE INSTANT BOOK. Email Directly for Booking

A NOTE TO KINDLY REMEMBER: The purpose of the loft is to be open and available for any creative venture i.e. film, commercial, still photo production, events, workshops, classes, dinners, etc., as well as it is my personal property. As such, and most importantly, I ask that you respect the space and treat it as kindly as you would treat your own home. Please fully read everything listed below so that you’ll be sure the Battle City Production House is right for you.


A nonrefundable holding fee of 50% of your booking is due 14 days prior to each job, with the final 50% due 24 hours before start of job. *See Cancellation Policy under FAQs

A nonrefundable holding fee of 75% of your booking is due for last minute bookings i.e. less than 14 days out.

Separately, Security Deposits will be presented either in cash or via (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) at the start of every job, and will be returned on the same day pending a thorough inspection and approval that all is in place. Work will not start until deposit is received.

BCP is insured for every project within the space, and in the event that a claim needs to be submitted, the BCP and client will communicate through insurance companies

Available packages for rent include Producing, Production Supplies, Tools, Overnight Storage. Pricing Menu provided upon booking.

Contact List must be provided and approved 1 day before work begins. If crewmembers arrive that have not been previously included on the list, you will be charged $50 per extra member, and this is non-negotiable. **see Extra Crew in FAQ

You may utilize, move, or completely remove any of the furniture, but may NOT store anything in hallways or any public space in the building. You must provide furniture pads if you foresee a need to move or store furniture for the duration of your shoot or event. Any damages will be taken out of your security deposit.

You may paint the walls or paint on the walls pending approval. The walls must be painted back to white the following day and a postproduction day will be included in your shoot days.

You may hang anything from the rafters, or on the walls pending approval and without any permanent holes or damages.

You may use our FREIGHT ELEVATOR to load in and out. The alleyway directly behind the building is totally accessible for cubes, G/E, or pickup trucks.

You may rent production supplies, i.e. Furniture pads, soap, paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, large trash can, etc. from BCPH, otherwise you’ll need to bring your own.

You may either choose to clean and repaint (if painted) loft back to original quality, or opt to pay the cleaning and repainting fee and BCPH will handle it for you. **you must use paint specified by BCPH, and must be repainted the day immediately following wrap out

You may store gear overnight for a storage fee, and permitting that it does not interfere with other bookings **see BCPH Pricing Menu

You May Not throw a party/rave/rage/anything resembling a party. We are first and foremost a residential building, and the respect of my neighbors is of upmost priority. Security will be called, you will be immediately asked to leave the property and fined the $5000 fee for unauthorized parties in our building.

You May Not Stay Overnight. Guests are welcomed for work purposes only. No sleepovers ☺

You May Not bring any pets along, as I am very allergic. **Exception can be made if shoot must include a pet, and logistics will be set. Extra cleaning fee will be applied.

You May Not Smoke in the property without exception.

You May Not shoot anything at all in the hallways or outside of the loft whatsoever. Please make sure to plan any shots around this, as it is non negotiable, and you will be immediately asked to leave if found shooting outside of the loft. Security Cameras are in place to insure this does not happen.

You May Not load up ANY gear in the front elevator. You will get stuck for hours!!

You May Not drill, hammer, screw, etc any holes into any surfaces in the loft.

You May Not utilize the washer and dryer.

Which Door Do I Use?
931. Not 937.

Where Can I Park?
Parking Meters are $2 for 2 hours, and need to be repaid at the 2 hour mark. They are ‘dead’ after 6PM.

Do You Have a Full Kitchen?

May I Use It?

Do You Have a Washer/Dryer?

May I Use It?

Do You have A/C?

Do You Have BlackOut Curtains?

Who Is My Contact Person?
Brittany Bagwell will be your first and primary contact for booking your shoot or event with Battle City Production House, and may bring in a Production Manager to handle operations depending on the job.

What’s With the Extra Crew Fee?
This being first and foremost a residential building, it is critical that we know exactly who is in the building ahead of time in the event that they are not our residents. The protection and respect of our neighbors, friends, and colleagues is of upmost importance.

What If Our Job is Running Over Time?
Each hour, starting exactly after the stated end time, will be an added to your booking fee. Extra time is not prorated.

What If I Have To Cancel My Booking?
BCPH has a 48hour and a 24hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel within 48 hours, you will forfeit your fee by 50%, while any less than 24 hours will forfeit the entirety of your booking fee.








洛杉矶, 加利福尼亚, 美国注册时间:九月 2012

As a freelance producer and Atlanta transplant, this space reflects both my personal and business style: Clean, Beautiful, and Hospitable. Easily transformed to suit your needs, the space is a blank canvas and ready to inspire.

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