5 Bedroom Legian Villa near Kuta
5 Bedroom Legian Villa near Kuta
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My place is close to restaurants and dining. My place is good for families (with kids) and big groups.


共有5间布置卧室,共有4间客房和1间主人套房。 LAP POOL 游泳池的设计是为了健身目的而游泳或游泳池游泳。因此,为什么游泳池的深度相同。如果您有小孩并且关心游泳池的安全,那么我们可以预先安排一个临时的游泳池围栏。 我们设计双层门的别墅的原因是,在晚上孩子们睡着的时候,父母可以放心,双扣门被锁住就不能进入泳池区。 屋顶阳台 这是一个娱乐和晚餐的好地方,喝一杯日落的鸡尾酒,只和朋友冷静。 SPA室 生活在巴厘岛绝对有它的小福利,特别是神话般的按摩和面部指尖在你的指尖。这就是为什么业主设计了一个带有按摩桌的小型安静的房间,所以她可以随时拨打一个移动水疗服务来到达别墅。所以绝对有利和放纵这个特别的别墅除了别墅。 LAUNDRY 我们在厨房旁边设有洗衣房,您可以在那里要求工作人员每天清洗和熨烫衣服。确保您在返回家庭之前利用并清理和熨烫所有物品。什么豪华回家,不必洗所有你的脏衣服。 厨房和食物 您的假期的第一天,我们提供免费早餐。我们没有为您休假的其余部分提供早餐或其他膳食,因为我们已经意识到,人们对早餐和其他膳食都有不同的要求。 - 有些人只喜欢一片烤面包和一碗麦片,而其他人则喜欢全面炒菜。工作人员非常乐意为您烹饪早餐或任何其他膳食,您只需要提前一天提交您的请求,他们将为您购物,并向您呈现您以后可以偿还的收据。 -TIPS:如果你是一个喜欢在假期放肆享受早餐的人,然后前往附近的一些咖啡馆。当您也可以在海滩上欣赏美景时,这是最好的物有所值。 - 水分配器:关于住在一家酒店别墅的最佳元素之一是您可以使用饮水机。而不是一直从超级市场将超过一瓶水从酒店房间里取出来,所有你要在别墅里做的都是填满你可以使用的水瓶。当工作人员用完时,工作人员将乐意更换饮水机。 -Kids Meal Tim:关于住在别墅的另一个重要因素是当你和孩子一起度假的时候,你们有厨房和别墅的工作人员,他们可以快速点心或者早晚餐。 - 没有什么比全家出去吃晚餐了(通常比父母喜欢吃饭早),然后孩子们都变得脾气暴躁或无聊,导致餐厅混乱。 更不用说价格相加,一般孩子们背后留下很多食物。 - 这是一个很好的主意,早日喂养孩子在别墅,而妈妈和爸爸享用一两杯鸡尾酒。然后,孩子们可以有一个睡眠派对,而父母晚餐甚至可能能够出门吃一顿,而孩子们被我们强烈推荐的保姆之一照顾。 费用包括: 第一早上早餐 每日清洁/女佣服务 欢迎饮料和清爽的毛巾 24小时工作人员
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There are 5 furnished bedrooms in total with 4 guest bedrooms and 1 master suite.

the pool was designed to either swim or run up and down the pool for fitness purposes. Hence why the pool is the same depth the way down.If you have small children and are concerned about pool safety, then we can pre arrange a temporary pool fence to be put up during your stay.
The reason we designed the villa with the bi-fold doors, is so that at night time when the kids are asleep, parents can have peace of mind that they can’t enter the pool area as the bi-fold doors are locked.

It is a great spot to entertain and have dinner, drink a sunset cocktail and just chill with friends.

Living in Bali definitely has it’s small perks, especially fabulous massages and facials at your fingertips. That is why the owner designed a small quiet room with a massage table so she can telephone a mobile spa service to come to the villa whenever she wants. So definitely take advantage and indulge in this special addition to the villa.

We have a laundry room just off the kitchen, where you can ask the staff to wash and iron your clothes on a daily basis. Make sure you take advantage and have everything cleaned and ironed before you return home. What a luxury to return home and not have to wash all your dirty clothes.

The first day of your holiday we have included a complimentary breakfast. We haven’t included breakfast or other meals for the rest of your holiday, as we have come to realize that people all have different requirements for breakfast and other meals.
-Where some are happy with just a piece of toast and a bowl of cereal and others prefer the full fry up. The staff are more than happy to cook you breakfast or any other meals, all you have to do is just submit your requests the day before hand and they will go shopping for you and present you with the receipts where you can reimburse them later on.
-TIPS: If you are a person who loves to indulge in a fancy breakfast when on holidays, then head out and about to some of the nearby cafes. It is the best value for money when you also get to have an amazing view over the beach.

–Water Dispenser: One of the best elements about staying in a villa over a hotel is that you have access to the water dispenser. Instead of lugging bottles of water from the supermarket all the time back to your hotel room, all you have to do at the villa is fill up your re usable water bottle. The staff will happily change over the water dispenser whenever it runs out.

–Kids Meal Tim: The other great element about staying in a villa is when you have the children on holiday with you and you have the kitchen and villa staff at hand to whip them up a quick snack or early dinner.
-There is nothing worse than taking the whole family out for dinner (and generally it is earlier than when the parents prefer to eat) and then the kids are all getting grumpy or bored and causing chaos in the restaurant.
Not to mention the prices add up and generally the kids leave a lot of food behind.
-So it is a great idea to feed the kids at the villa at an early time, whilst mum and dad enjoy a cocktail or two. Then the kids can have a slumber party, whilst the parents eat later on or even might be able to go out for a quick bite to eat whilst the kids are looked after by one of our highly recommended baby sitters.

First morning breakfast
Daily cleaning/maid service
Welcome Drink and refreshing towel
24hrs staff


入住时间为14:00 - 22:00




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