Great location; sweet, spacious respite - lovely place to catch your breath.Feel welcomed to Peaks Island ~ ~
Peaks Isl Simple lovely single or twins near Ferry
Peaks Isl Simple lovely single or twins near Ferry

This Simple lovely single is good for solo adventurers, business travelers; can add another twin for couples who are happy with simple and cozy - can make into a cozy king.


Lovely 20 min. Ferry ride from Portland to Peaks Island. Casco Bay is its own world. Be prepared to be delighted. This is a sweet room with very comfy twin beds, which can be made into a king; also can create a very comfy simple single (+$25/pn). Views out over trees, garden, to the pines.

Lovely living room (baby grand)(fireplace) and porch looking out on Casco Bay.

Two bathrooms, shared family-style. There is truly a 'bathing room', or a steamy 'shower room' to choose from. One slot per day for a guest to take an up-to-a three hour bath. Your own mini spa experience.

Sit / nap on the porch looking out on Casco Bay and Little Diamond Island in particular, or watch the many incredible sunsets.

A sweet, easy 3-5 min. walk from ferry landing and 'down front' - several shops and restaurants; Sandy Beach is just down the hill from us.

We offer an afternoon tea to support you to stop, catch your breath, cool off with the ocean breezes, or in Fall, Winter, Early Spring warm up by the fire.

The Peaks Cafe, 3 min. walk, offers a local's full breakfast. They open at 5:30 am. 6:30 on Sundays .

I will have filtered water, a fresh play on an elegant fruit or cucumber water, an electric hot water pot for you to make your tea, or coffee, + playful treats !
There are three unique and wonderful restaurants on Peaks, for lunch or dining.
There is also a great Food Truck, Pizza, Ice cream, and food-to-go from the local market.

Can rent bicycles,kayaks; find sailing adventures, yoga classes, lots of quiet nooks and crannies or great beaches on Peaks. We have two bikes here for your use, if no one else is using them. Great walks - island trails or circle the 4 1/2 miles around - only island on the coast of Maine that you can walk or bike all the way around -

Western and Eastern Massage available on island or in-house. Wifi; no TV. Feel welcomed to island life ~ *


Guests have access, besides a rather wonderful soaking tub/ bath room, and a river stone floor shower/bathroom, to a lovely taste of Maine Living Room (w/ baby grand / fireplace / Dining Room and lovely, refreshing porch.


This is our home, and we are generally present. I love people and am ever fascinated with life ~ thus am happy to interact, if my day and timing fit. However ~ I truly want to support my guests to catch their own breath here on Peaks with the comfort of this lovely space to support that.

额外房客 ¥237 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)
清洁费 ¥204
满1周立减 10%


Good environment with very cozy living room.

If you are looking for a bed & Bed & breakfast this place is not! The bed was an air mattress on the floor in same room as washer & dryer (which were hidden behind white curtains ). Both my husband and I had a horrible night sleep; I woke up with severe back pain. The breakfast consisted of dried fruit, pistachios, granola and walnuts - not sure how long they were sitting on table; besides being allergic to nuts. Porch with view had dry rot & made me nervous to sit out there. Place cost $394 Sat thru Mon - called host Sunday morning about dealing with bed situation; now Monday evening & still no response! We left Sunday morning to stay at a hotel instead. BEWARE false advertising of B&B!!!!!!!
Oh my ~ ~ two harsh reviews in 3 + years. You are the second challenged Guest in 3 + years,Nancy. Agh and I am so close to being labled as a 'Super Hostess' ~ ~ Indeed, a rude awakening. So sorry Nancy, clearly you had another vision for Airbnb. Let's go through your challenges together. 'There is only learning', is one of my personal mantras ~ ~ I. I am noting that you did not read my site, or read all the other reviews. I did state that the air mattresses are the state of the art and there are layers of several mattress covers, comforters, with a deluxe 3 1/2" thick mattress cover over-all. I can appreciate that to some the thought of air mattresses is off-putting, but actually the new air mattresses are such that many people are now sleeping on them everyday. I do hear that you most likely prefer a hard mattress. Probably wise to mention that from the start. . . . and wise for me, I note, to ask ahead. I believe I did ask you to please do read my site ! That it does matter !. That room which runs for less than the other two rooms is billed as a very simple, lovely twin or king, and I explain that I started offering it because Guests asked if I didn't have anything else for their friend to stay also. And once I let that person stay, it was uncanny how I just started getting more and more requests, and two friends, couples staying there became normal. I got from that start that I wanted to offer soloadventurers an opportunity to enjoy this unique home and location and thus the room essentially rents for $112, and has all the same lovely amenities available which go for $170 across the hall. Indeed with the added person in that room it runs $147. Yes, behind a whole row of rather poetic long draping cotton cottage drapes, are pristine washer and dryer and the linen closet. Cottages, actually probably most cottages on islands off the coast of Maine, especially those which are older, don't have the space which new construction and space affords. It is its own type of charm which either suits, or doesn't. Charming shaggy chic truly is not for everyone, I hear you. And I will add some copy to my site to mention this. I thought the photos were fairly clear. Will refine how I address this. Though I must say, I get couples coming back to that room because they love it so much. My . . ."very simple lovely" . . . was clearly not what you were imagining. I thought the photo captured the space. Will address that with fresh eyes. Thank you. 2. I hear that my exquisite - the largest, most plump raisins in a three type varieties; my exquisite apricots that are the most amazing I have ever tasted, sometimes figs, cashews, pistachios, pecans, walnuts - 3 types of chocolate, often fresh organic apples, grapes, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries - totally did not resonate with you. I would so appreciate hearing what you would have loved to have found when you walked in. The organic cow's milk, the organic half and half, the organic coconut milk, or the organic almond / coconut cream for your cereal with fruit - clearly not to your liking. Some of the most exquisite coffee and teas available on the planet, available whenever you wanted, along with the taste thrills.. .were not attractive to you. I hear you clearly. Many of the Airbnb's don't offer any breakfasts. I do mention on the site that the Peak's Cafe offers standard fare and is an island institution. I hear that you were far from delighted. It is totally helpful if you mention your being allergic to nuts, from the start. I just had no clue ~ I am so sorry. I totally hear that the porch, which is actually 97% totally solid - is ripening to be replaced, especially there by the french doors. Now Nancy, that is the thing. . . I have been waiting two months this year for my favorite carpenter to return from Florida to work on several projects. It is beyond a stretch in patience, to get and keep a maintenance rhythm in tow. The challenge is that it actually begins to feel so comedic that one just stays in line and keeps o(URL HIDDEN) Peaks is such a treasure of an island ~ . . .the only island of the 364 Calendar Islands which one can ride a bike, a car, or walk all around the perimeter. There are so many charming walks. Some rarely leave my porch or living room ! Peaks Island is a charming, delicious 15 minute ferry ride. . . to Portland, which was name the "Foodiest Little City in America" for 3 years in a row. We say that the Old Port, to us, is an extension of our front yards - how poetic is that. My location is truly uniqu(URL HIDDEN)minute walk to the ferry, but because of my landscaping, one feels removed from the activity and intimate with the Harbor. Sunset off that porch - has totally enchanted most of my Guests. I am very close to a SuperHostess rating - which really does say that for most people they are delighted with my home. Some have even said that their favorite memory of Peaks was of playing chess on the front porch, looking out over the harbor. I am so sorry Nancy. I am especially sorry that somehow I did not get your message of distress on Sunday morning ~ ~ truly. When you arrived and rang the bell - it felt stressful, because, as I explained, I do mention this several times on the site and was worried because I had just been about to run an errand at that time and as I explained I once had one other Guest (3 + years) who literally sat on my front stoop, for 3 hours, waiting for me. . . instead of "just walking right on in and getting their Welcome Letter with their name on it." So painful for a Hostess, besides the Guest. I believe I asked if there were a better way that I could have transmitted this. I apologize if it felt like scolding Nancy, rather than my sharing my shock and fear that anyone ever sit outside when they were just a door handle away from their own Welcome Letter, and lovely beginning of their stay ~ * I wish you the best Nancy. You have nonetheless allthemore given me food for thought and this is how one learns and grows. Thank you. Airbnb is a treasure of a global community. It is not the traditional Bed and Breakfast experience. Though, I can hear that you would be shocked to imagine that I have had some call us the Downton Abbey of Peaks Island ! Everyone is so different ~ ~ I do support you to read the site of any future Airbnb Hostess, several times until it feels truly clear what is being offered. And I do support you to please put your challenges and desires up front before you register. I enjoyed meeting you both and I wish you a great holiday on the coast of Maine yet - don't give up ! Warmly, Aaiyn

The room I had was one step above outdoor camping. My room had a mattress on the floor with no frame or furniture attached to it, A clothes hamper as a night stand with no lights or clock. There was no place to put clothes other than a table and chair and no closet to hang your clothes. There were no shades or curtains over the bare window. The room doubled up as a laundry room and linen closet and was just a little bit larger than a walk in closet. For almost $200 a night it was an embarrassment. Also, The host or hostess was not available to greet or even to say goodbye and didn't even identify themselves during my stay. It was a creepy eerie feeling and I felt uncomfortable the entire time I was there. My advice, pass this one up !!! Not worth the money. A one on a ten scale. I was lucky my other half couldn't make it! She would have freaked out !!! Worse than your first college doom!!

This is a true hidden gem. Best place to stay on the whole island

Aaiyn and Arthur's home is striking and welcoming. They take great care to make you feel at home with their gracious words and thoughtful touches such as coffee, tea, afternoon snacks and lemon water. While the kitchen is a private area, they have set up the livingroom with a guest fridge and an electric kettle and supplies for guests. On Airbnb I usually gravitate to staying in private homes instead of guest room options, but if all homes were set up as thoughtfully as theirs, I expect I'd change my mind. This was a great place to visit. The location is convenient to the core of the town (restaurants, grocery, ferry), as well as a beach to swim at, and a nice walk or short bike ride to the beautiful "whale back" side of the island, with stunning views (courtesy of the house bikes). During the week I visited, I enjoyed lying low, taking it easy at the island restaurants as well as hopping the 15 minute ferry for Portland eats. Overall I was looking for a relaxing week-long getaway, and Aaiyn and Arthur's home more than delivered.

Very clean and comfortable stay a short walk from the Ferry

Spectacular. Aaiyn's home is beautiful, and she is a warm and generous hostess. Gorgeous porch for sitting and looking out over the water. Take a long soak in the extra long clawfoot tub and enjoy the feeling of actually being able to stretch out your legs like you haven't been able to do since you were 7. Lots of nibbles, great coffee, and interesting books to peruse.
Hmm ~ ~ THE coffee. . . from a Chinese Chef. . .great blend and he adds Maitake mushrooms ~ ~ ~ can't resist sharing this gem !

波特兰, 缅因州, 美国注册时间:七月 2012

I live on a small island off the coast of maine. we are a 20 minute ferry ride from portland.

with my background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a wide range of Western Physical Therapies as well as Nutrition, I offer 3, 4, and 10 day Jumpstart Cleanses for people 50 + looking for an opportunity to explore delicious, simple, and graceful ways to come back into their senses; taste buds first - in new, fresh ways, and to feel even more connected with their whole being and Life.

re freshing our lifestyle feeds the transformation to a truly sustainable life right ?!

have been meditating for 40 + years, teach chi gung as 'movement as prayer' and have a personal yoga practice. am a 'friend'/quaker - of the mystical tradition.

I love nature ~ gardening, walking, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, sailing; love art; love food / they are nature reconfigured right ! . . .

you can walk (+ferry ride) from here to our treasure of an art museum ! it's a sweet, lively 17 min. walk from ferry terminal trailing up through charming historic Old Port business district to Downtown District - being able to walk to the art museum is part of my criteria of heaven ~ living on an island is another part of that criteria !

love learning; love teaching. have taught and still do everything from spinning, weaving, drawing, sculpting - in the distant past; now traditional chinese medicine, zen shiatsu, acupressure, chi gung, nutrition, drawing, 'finding the calm - easily: the body is an instrument which we can tune', 'movement as prayer', 'inhabiting spirit - wholly inhabiting our bodies. . . our very be-ing', and 'sound as play; sound as healer".

find people and life fascinating ~

I discovered airbnb through a friend and really enjoy this community. Have stayed with a number of other hosts and enjoyed my experience very much. wanted to open up this lovely space and peaks island to you.

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