Facing closet and bedroom door
Cherry Creek area, 420 friendly, plus FREE stuff!
Cherry Creek area, 420 friendly, plus FREE stuff!




2 - 12岁



My space is located in the awesome little village of Glendale, in the Cherry Creek area.
We are a few blocks away from the beautiful Cherry Creek Trail, 15 minutes from downtown, and 30 minutes from the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre!
Please see guidebook for other attractions and places to eat nearby.


This is a cannabis-friendly home.

The room:
Your space includes a full size bed, dresser, tv, and a loveseat (which can be removed if guest(s) would like more space.) Half of a full-size closet is also available for use/storage.

You stay includes:
GREAT deals @ my favorite local dispensary.

Free admission to Denver Botanic Gardens, plus half price admission per person into a choice few local museums (Nature & Science, History Colorado, and/or Contemporary Art Museum).
$12 admission into Rocky Mountain National Park for my guests who stay longer than one night!

TV with Chromecast -- Netflix, Hulu Plus, Plex (my entire movie library available in digital format), and HBO Go.

Comfy full size bed, with sheets that are so fresh and so clean, clean...always!

Spacious shared restroom.
Shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel provided, as well as clean towels.

Hot tub and seasonal swimming pool.

Parking can be a challenge throughout Denver. Street parking is available on my street, and one street over.
You may pay $5 per day for a guaranteed parking spot as well.


Full access to all common areas, including living room, kitchen, and dining area.


*I believe it is important to treat all people equal regardless of race, sex, age, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristic.
If you think that it is okay to bully and/or discriminate against any of the above, it might not be the best idea to book a stay with me. Kindness is important.

*I can't seem to figure it out, but people who stay here that are older than me (50+) are consistently the guests who either leave no review, or who leave bad and/or judgmental reviews. Make no mistake about it, I am very friendly and have/keep a nice clean place. We'll get along just fine as long as you are respectful of the space/house rules.

*A stay with me includes a free trip to either of my favorite dispensaries, or both, as long as they are done during the same trip.

*As your host, I can/will be available as much or as little as you'd like, but I am ALWAYS available by phone.

*Tours are also offered via my Mile High Adventure Tours business. Super affordable for guests!


*If you have never been to Colorado, the altitude may affect you in a not-so-great way. You may want to look up/research ways to help alleviate altitude sickness before and while you are here. I've had plenty of guests that have gotten sick within their first few days of arrival.

My suggestion is to begin drinking ibuprofen and plenty of water a few days before you travel. Staying hydrated is important while you are here, and sunscreen and your favorite Chapstick are equally important.
I only speak from experience. ;)

可住: 2
卫生间: 1 (共用卫生间)
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 15:00后
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 独立房间


额外房客: 无需付费
清洁费: 6
满1周立减: 3%
周末价格: 63 / 晚



* Please read blue binder in room upon arrival. It contains full list of house rules, which I am happy to email to you with a provided email address. It also contains pretty much EVERYTHING you need/want to know about your stay here.

*No smoking tobacco indoors.

*Please lock (deadbolt) the front door anytime you leave or arrive, whether someone is home or not.

*Please clean up after yourselves, especially if kitchen is used.

*If used, please return parking tag when you check out, otherwise it is $50 to replace.

*You do not have to consume cannabis during your stay, but please be okay with others who do.

*If it is raining/snowing outside, please take shoes off at front door entrance.

*Please do not leave/check out without letting me know because leaving the door unlocked is not okay...even if I am home.

*Please read the "interaction with guests" and "other things to note" sections, and message me for additional house rules, including questions about 420.

Thank you!







Great place to spend the evening. Clean and access to a pool and hot tub!

Great stay

Tara's place is lovely! Very clean and cozy. The bathroom is specious and spotless. She is excellent at communicating as well! Don't hesitate at all to book with Tara!

Great host! Very flexible to set times with when we were only in town for a few hours. Would stay here again.

I have never had an issue with an Airbnb until now, the stay was so profoundly discomforting that I feel obliged to share the experience my partner and I had at this place and educate other unsuspecting future guests. When the most basic host etiquette is not met and one's presence is more intrusive than welcome, one feels compelled to express the distress. Things started getting suspicious when Tara never replied to any of my questions I emailed to her about the room until the day of check-in. I immediately had a bad feeling but remained optimistic. We came to the host's house weary from travel and we were met with an emotional onslaught as she detailed how she was going to be depressed for the duration because her dog died some time ago. Of course we felt for her and were understanding but what we expected to be a short welcome and layout of the house turned into a 30 minute discourse of her personal life and house rules that she kept stating were also in a binder in the closet. Ultimately, Tara was non-intrusive but we constantly felt reminded that we weren't REALLY welcome in her space. For instance, she told us we had access to the fridge for cold water but when we entered the kitchen one night to get some she made a flippant comment under her breath, "sorry we're fresh out of water." Perhaps it was just her bad mood but moments later she followed us into the kitchen and in a churlish manner said, "I feel bad, like I shouldn't be in your space while you're in MY kitchen." My partner and I looked at each other bewildered by her behavior. Once again we felt uncomfortable and invasive so we said goodnight and retreated to our room as usual. My partner and I would not recommend this Airbnb to anyone who isn't a youngster and NEEDS to be constantly reminded about basic guest etiquette. It seems others have had success here but sometimes energies just don't mesh. I do, however, request that Tara does not try to play "Host" if she is indisposed, its not fair to the paying customer who is seeking respite and a good time while on vacation. All of the above only skims the surface as I can go into how her Airbnb description and photos aren't true to the space and the neighborhood. Additionally she never followed up on the "discounts" she offers on her page. FYI, to get into the apartment building you will use a FOB key and then a regular key to get into the apartment. Keep in mind that a FOB is $100 to replace if you lose it, which unfortunately happened to us. Use your instincts when booking as staying with strangers is like rolling dice, it can go well but it can also go bad.
Dear future guests: this review was written by someone who was mad for 2 reasons...She paid $100 to replace keys that she lost, and also because I messaged her about not following house rules. To be honest, I read this review with my mouth wide open from the start. We interacted 3 times...when they arrived, later that night after they lost the keys, and the next night when they returned for the evening. It's amazing that she found so much fault in me as a host. I did not get back to her in as timely a manner as I normally do after she messaged me before her stay. When I noticed this, I apologized and addressed her questions, which were about the layout of the apt. and if I lived near a rail station. Since I use Airbnb for travels as well, if I hadn't heard back from my host in the time I'd hoped to, I simply would have followed up with him/her. Kay did not do this. She also did not ask me about any of the offers and/or discounts that are a part of your stay with me. Those are available to ALL of my guests. I do not push it on anyone, and had never had an issue with someone being upset about it until now. If you want/need something, ask. I do not read minds, though I'm still working on it, and I had no idea that they were dependent on said discounts. This is seen as one of the perks of staying here, but not everyone takes advantage of it. Those that care to, have been good about communicating that with me, and if I recall correctly, I did offer to take them to the dispensary, but was told that they had already bought 2 prerolls for their stay. Not sure what else I could have done differently. There is absolutely no truth to what I supposedly said about being fresh out of water and/or saying anything to them while they were in the kitchen. Are you kidding me? I would NEVER be rude to my guests in that manner. I have never had a guest who has had an issue with Uber or Lyft. There is nothin difficult about getting to my place. As for the car2go, you cannot park a Car2go on my street because I live in Glendale, and so Car2go needs to be parked on a Denver street. My Airbnb description and photos ARE true to the space and the neighborhood. I think Kay just set her expectations really high. If you could see the first messages she sent to me, you'd see that I was about to deal with a bit of a prissy guest. I'd be happy to share them with any of you who wish to stay or who stay. :) I see it like this, if you don't want a host who likes to be friendly and have a conversation with you when you check in, than this may not be the place for you. Maybe you should try a hotel or renting an entire space on Airbnb, like Kay should have done. I am friendly, and when I feel in a funk, I usually tell my guests so that they don't assume I'm being stand offish or rude. I have gone through a difficult time since losing one of my dogs, and I was pretty sad on this particular day. I simply told them that I had lost my dog and that if I was quiet, to not be offended. I was never in a bad mood. As a matter of fact, when they lost my house keys, Kay was really mad and on the verge of freaking out. I stood with her as she waited for her boyfriend to park the car2go, and attempted to console her. She was mad, like it was my fault that they lost the keys. I even offered to have them take the house keys and walk down to the cool little dive bar around the corner. They laughed and said that they didn't think that would be a good idea given the day they'd already had. The following day everything went really well. Though we were down to one set of keys, we made it work. When they brought the keys in that evening, I told her that we could do the same thing all over again the following day with regards to the keys. I was waiting for a new FOB to be programmed, and since no one in the office knew who to do that, I had no FOB. As a matter of fact, it would be 11 days before they could even get a temporary one to me. She's right in stating that they are $100 to replace. I've had many many Airbnb guests, and no one had ever lost the keys before this incident. So I'd say that the chances of my guests losing the keys is minimal. Well on the next morning, I noticed that the keys were still on the coffee table, and my front door was unlocked. After having been broken into as an Airbnb host, I do not like my front door being left unlocked. I did not feel that I had to offer an explanation since it is one of the 4 rules I go over with my guests verbally, and it is listed in the original house rules on Airbnb listing. I sent her a text letting her know that she should have taken the keys and not left my door unlocked. She replied, though I don't recall if she said, "okay" or "no problem", but it was pretty generic. At around 7:30 or so that evening, Kay sent me a text asking if I was home because they needed to get in. I think it may have been 10 minutes before I saw it. Toby (boyfriend) comes in and says that they're going to spend their last night with Kay's friend and were only there to get their things. They got their stuff, and Toby said goodbye as they walked out the door. Kay and Toby did pay the $100 to have the FOB replaced. That happened on the first night they stayed with me, and set the tone for the rest of their stay. I had no problems with them, but apparently Kay had a few things in which she saw fault and/or made things up to make me look like a terrible host. To each his own. One thing she is right about though is that sometimes certain energies don't mesh. Boyfriend, chill and laid back. Kay, not so much.

Tara's was great, she was very friendly and obliging and took care of us!

Tara's house is very cozy and she is a great host. I would definitely stay there again and consider her a friend. Her dog, Luna, is quiet and friendly, and just really a little angel. Dispensaries are abundant and there a few restaurants, but theres a lot more options just a nice walk away. Denver is full of things to do, and tara has coupons, discounts, and advice on just about everything in the city. Also, she has a Denver tour business and she is more than welcome to drive you around and show you the mountains. Thanks again, Tara!


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