A view of the living room in the morning light.Bedroom sleeps two. Closet available for use.
Cozy Muir Cottage - In Town - Pet Friendly
Cozy Muir Cottage - In Town - Pet Friendly
一个安静的块位于镇内的整个家庭!距离孤松的主街有5分钟的步行路程,这个相当平房是开始你的山的完美前哨。惠特尼远足,死亡谷冒险,钓鱼之旅等等! 我们努力为您提供孤松最好的Airbnb价值。这是什么让我们分开: >很棒的位置! > 150 Mbps的WiFi >与Netflix,HBO等大型高清电视 >提供本地制作的咖啡 >包括肥皂/洗发水/护发素 >狗跑后院 >完整的厨房 >三车停车
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An entire home on a quiet block located in-town! A 5-minute walk to Lone Pine's Main Street, this quite cottage is the perfect outpost to begin your Mt. Whitney Hike, Death Valley Adventure, Fishing Trip and more!

We strive to provide you with the best Airbnb value in Lone Pine. Here is what sets us apart:

>Great location!
>150 Mbps WiFi
>Large HD TV with Netflix, HBO, etc.
>Locally Crafted Coffee provided
>Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner included
>Dog run backyard
>Full Kitchen
>3-Car Parking


你将有权访问整个房子,包括前院和后院。 >平房是一个515平方米的围栏在前面和后院的分区的空间。 >浴室包含一个水槽,淋浴与向日葵风格的头部,用于内置的肥皂/洗发水/护发素分配器,吹风机和一个15.5“升高的厕所的淋漓尽致的降雨经验。 >我们的厨房包括电炉,微波炉,水槽,全套锅/锅,餐具,完整的刀套,标准的滴漏咖啡机,Keurig机,花岗岩柜台,和一个全尺寸的冰箱。 >客厅里有一张桌子,里面摆放着两把椅子(两把折叠椅放在衣柜里),蒸发冷却器又称沼泽冷却器,沙发可以转换成一张全尺寸的床,一把椅子可以转换成一张小于两张的床,加热器,电视和书柜。 >我们的卧室自豪地设有一个大号双层床垫,吊扇,高速鼓风机(较热的月份),戴森无刀片空间加热器,衣柜和婴儿床。 >前院设有一个美丽的灰树,随着季节变化的颜色,包含在停车场内的3辆车的路边停车可用先到先得。 我们的空间最适合1-3岁的成年人,适合4岁。有2个孩子的家庭也适合。我们觉得5+以上的派对不适合我们家的大小。 注意:孤松目前正受到水的限制。虽然我们的草可能已经受苦,但我们希望你们在享受水资源和负责任的同时享受自己。
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You will have access to an entire house including front yard and backyard.
>The cottage is a 515 square fenced-in space with partitions for the front and backyard.
>The Bathroom contains a sink, shower with sunflower style head for a drenching rainfall experience with built-in soap/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, hair blow dryer, and a 15.5" raised toilet.
>Our kitchen contains an electric stove, microwave, sink, full set of pots/pans, utensils, complete knife set, standard drip coffee maker, Keurig machine, granite counter, and a full sized refrigerator.
> The living room contains a table for eating with two chairs (two folding chairs located in the closet), evaporative-cooler aka swamp-cooler, couch that converts to a full sized bed, a chair that converts to a smaller-than twin bed, heater, television, and bookcase.
>Our bedroom proudly features a Queen bed pillow top mattress, ceiling fan, high-velocity blower (hotter months), Dyson bladeless space heater, closet, and crib.
>The front yard features a beautiful Ash tree which changes colors with the season, contains parking for 3 vehicles inside the fence with street parking available on first-come basis.

Our space is best suited for 1-3 adults with adaptations made for 4. A family with 2 kids would also fit well. We feel parties of 5+ are not appropriate for the size of our home.
Note: Lone Pine is currently under water restrictions. While our grass may have suffered, we want you to enjoy yourselves while remaining water-wise and responsible.


您将有完全不受限制的访问财产。前门上的键盘允许24小时入住。您的入住时间早上提供您的具体代码,并在每次入住后更换,以提高安全性。 入住时间为下午3点,退房时间为上午11点。当前的代码将在您抵达的当天上午通过Airbnb发送给您。
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You will have full unrestricted access to the property. A Keypad on the front door allows for 24 hour check in. Your specific code is provided the morning of your check in and is changed after each stay to enhance security.

Check in is 3pm+, Check out 11am. The current code to the front door will be messaged to you via Airbnb the morning of your arrival.


我的妻子和我住在孤松,可以在您抵达时过来迎接您,但宁愿让您随心所欲。我们已经设置了财产,允许通过键盘24小时登记,所以如果你打算迟到,只要介意邻居。 我们尽量保持与您的互动,以保护您的隐私,保持东山脉的宁静。我们希望你感觉好像这是你的家外之家! 我们将很乐意为您提供当地地图,兴趣点,建议用餐选择,并协助您的行程。 我们将很乐意协助您确保运送到当地的营地,如马蹄草甸,山。惠特尼门户,洋葱谷,曼萨纳尔和死亡谷游客中心等等(通常只在春季到夏末之间)。请记住,直接支付给司机的交通费通常为每人5-20元,具体取决于派对要求的目的地和具体情况。 我和我的妻子住在城里,所有关于无法通过文字和电话解决的家庭功能的问题都可以在20-30分钟内亲自处理。 请在逗留期间接受我们的短信。如果有任何重要的即时信息,如封路,危险天气或即将发生的火灾危险,我们可能会在探访之前与您联系。
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My wife and I live in Lone Pine and can be over to greet you upon your arrival but prefer to have you come and go as you please. We have set up the property to allow for 24-hour check-in via keypad so if you plan to arrive late, just mind the neighbors.

We seek to keep our interaction with you to a minimum as to preserve your privacy and keep the peaceful serenity that is the Eastern Sierras. We want you to feel as if this is your home away from home!

We will be happy to provide you with maps of the local area, points of interest, suggest dining options, and assist you with your itinerary.

We will be happy to assist you securing transportation to local camp sites such as Horseshoe Meadow, Mt. Whitney Portal, Onion Valley, Manzanar, and Death Valley Visitor Center, and beyond (typically only available during the Spring through Late Summer). Please keep in mind that there is typically a fee for transportation paid directly to the driver, usually between $5-20 per person depending on the destination and specifics requested by the party.

My wife and I live in town and all issues regarding the function of the home that cannot be resolved via text and telephone can be addressed in person within 20-30 minutes.

Please be accepting of our text messages during your stay. We may reach out to you prior to visiting the property, if there is any immediate information of importance such as road closures, hazardous weather, or imminent fire hazards.


电视机密码是00001.您需要使用此代码才能在Amazon Fire Stick设备中启动应用程序。随意购买电影 - 任何费用将根据您的Airbnb账单进行调整:) 如果放在屋里,那就是你的食物,咖啡,毛巾和平底锅! 我们现在提供互联网和wifi! Main St.酒店的每间咖啡店,商店和酒吧均设有免费网络连接。洗衣和洗车设施位于Main St.(不到1/4英里)附近。我们通常会收到来自大多数主要运营商的优质手机和手机上网服务。注意:维京移动似乎在东部的山脉是不起作用的。 宠物政策:你必须透露你是宠物,所以我们可以与我们的清洁工妥善安排。在您住宿结束时,您将收取20美元的宠物清洁费,用于支付房产的费用,如果您不透露,则需支付40美元。 接受宠物:我们爱所有的宠物!我们的北方邻居有2个成人实验室,一般都留在“Xena&Bosco”里面,所以请介意他们。 我们欢迎您的猫或狗在里面和外面陪你。请勿在淋浴或水槽中洗涤宠物,在外面使用花园软管(排水沟会堵塞宠物毛发)。宠物主人被要求保留宠物的废物,并进行清理。 - 如果您的宠物造成的损失不能/不能清理或修理(刮擦门上的油漆,咀嚼家具,挖掘植物),则有可退还的安全押金(由Airbnb处理)$ 100。 我们不会仅仅因为携带宠物而索要保证金的一部分。罗孚必须对我们声称真的很不好...只要让我们知道你将有一个宠物与你,所以我们可以适当地清理。 注意:Airbnb不会收取或保留您的信用卡作为存款金额,您只需同意使用预订时收取的付款方式支付最高达此金额的任何损害赔偿金,并且在您入住后预计将收取20美元的清洁费用。 在城里有一个宠物看护者,当你在荒野里冒险时,他们会一整天地看,走,喂你的宠物。如果有兴趣联系我们,我们将为您发起联系! 每次预订后都会带来干净的洗衣服务,确保为每一位客人提供一个全新的家园!
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The television pin code is 00001. You will need this code to launch apps within the Amazon Fire Stick device. Feel free to buy movies - any charges will be adjusted to your Airbnb bill :)

If it's stocked in the house, it is yours to use including the food, coffee, towels, and pans!

We now provide internet and wifi! There is also free internet on Main St. at every coffee shop, store, and bar. Laundry and car washing facilities are located near Main St. (Less than 1/4 mile away). We generally receive great cell phone and phone internet service from most major carriers. NOTE: Virgin mobile seems to be non-functional in the Eastern Sierras.

Pet Policy: You MUST disclose that you are being a pet so we may make proper arrangements with our cleaners. A pet cleaning fee $20 billed to you at the end of your stay to cover the cost of defuring the property, $40 if you do not disclose.
Accepted Pets: We love ALL pets! Our northern neighbor has 2 adult labs that generally keep inside "Xena & Bosco" so please mind them.
We welcome your cat or dogs to stay with you inside and out. Please do not wash your pet in the shower or sinks, use the garden hose outside (drains will clog with pet hair). Pet owners are asked to keep after their pet's waste and clean up messes in and out.
-There is a refundable security deposit (handled by Airbnb) of $100 should your pet create damages you cannot/do not clean up or repair (scratching up the paint on the doors, chewing furniture, digging up plants).
We will NOT claim a portion of the security deposit simply because you bring a pet. Rover will have to have been really really bad for us to claim... Just let us know you will have a pet with you so we can clean appropriately.
Note: Airbnb will not charge or hold your credit card for the deposit amount, you simply agree to cover any damages up to this amount using the method of payment charged at booking, and expect a $20 cleaning charge requested after your stay.

There is a pet-sitter in town who will watch, walk, feed your pet throughout the day while you adventure into the wilderness. Contact us if interested and we will initiate contact for you!

Hired help in brought in to clean and launder after every reservation to ensure a fresh new home for every guest!

额外房客 $20 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $35
押金 $100
满1周立减 15%
周末价格 $119 / 晚
为这位房东清洁房源的人士能获得维持基本生活的薪资。 了解更多
1张大床, 1张婴儿床

24 hour check-in, but as a courtesy, please send a text message or Airbnb message when checking in -and- when checking out.

Check-out is 11am.

All smoking should take place outside in the front yard. All BBQing should be done outside in the front yard (BYOBBQ). All outdoor parties and activities must be moved indoors after 10pm (22:00) out of respect of our neighbors. Basic kitchen amenities are provided such as pots, pans, and utensils. Please wash and dry any item used for the next guest prior to your departure.

Used linen should be placed in the canvas bag left hanging in the bathroom (if available). For longer stays or for those with numerous guests, if linen runs low do not hesitate to contact us for additional supplies!

Air cooler switch located in hall cupboard top left. To cool bedroom when cooler is running, close all windows in the house and open a window in the bedroom only.

***The Eastern Sierra is a very beautiful place met with extreme terrain all around. We do not control the weather nor road closures so we ask that you please stay on top of the road conditions along your route prior to your stay. We simply can not offer refunds because the route you planned is actually only open during the summer months and closed due to 7 feet of snow in the winter. If you have any questions about your route or planning alternative routes, especially through Mammoth, Yosemite, or Death Valley, we will be happy to assist you.***

Robert and Kim



Roberts place is great! Whitney is out your front door! Quick access to great trails and everything in lone pine. The place is comfortable, clean and quiet. Many staples like sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup provided in the pantry which made meal prep easy and less shopping. Comfy bed and great shower and a good selection of television to chill after 8 hours on the trails. I plan to visit again.

We rented this house for three nights for our daily trips into Death Valley. With 2 kids, this was exactly what we needed. Clean home, with all the necessities in-house, games for kids to keep them occupied, close to restaurants. Robert was communicative w.r.t all our needs. Will come back again for sure. -Ram

Had a great stay! Simple, clean, cozy, and close to everything. Would stay again.

This place is very conveniently located to Death Valley NP, Mt. Whitney access, Alabama hills, and Manzanar.

Very clean and comfortable. Loved the hoot owl in nearby tree!

Robert was an excellent host! He was communicative throughout the booking process, as well as during check in and check out. The home was exactly as described and pictured, and was well furnished and stocked. Would certainly stay here again if my travels take me through Lone Pine again.
Thank you!

What a great little cottage in the residential side of Lone Pine. Great location for walking the town, quiet and peaceful. Thanks for the great stay!

Lone Pine, 加利福尼亚, 美国注册时间:四月 2015

I'm a California native raised in Los Angeles who has found peace and serenity in the Eastern Sierras. I met my wife Kim through similar outdoor interests and I have to thank her for bringing me to this beautiful section of California.

Most of my travels have been focused on California and Nevada, so I envy all the passing travelers on their way to the next out of state destination. I'm a big fan of the game of Hockey, the theater, and discovering "hole in the wall" eateries. I know a little bit about wine and beer and homebrew at the competitive level.

My favorite books currently deal with non-fiction/technical data, historical collection cookbooks, and some sci-fi/fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Hosting Style:
My wife and I are offering our cottage where we spent our first 4 years together. In 2014, our family expanded with the birth of boy-girl twins and overnight grew out of our home. We moved only 10 minutes away and stayed within the Lone Pine city limits. Because the listing we offer is an entire house, we want to provide you with as much privacy as possible make make you feel as if this is your home away from home. We are always available via phone or text should you need something, but after an introduction and a home walk through, we will let you be to enjoy your home as if you had rooted yourself in the Eastern Sierras. If as a guest you require a bit more guidance to local points of interest or assistance with a situation unforeseen, we will be more than happy to help in any way that we can.

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