Living room to terrace
Above Carennac & Dordogne River
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FOR YOUR PERSONAL COMFORT we provide a relaxed home base for your visit to the Dordogne River Valley. We offer comfortable open-plan living that also includes: a private, well appointed one bedroom suite (bedroom, study and bath with large private terrace) in a completely smoke free environment.


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OUR SPACE is ideal for either a couple or single traveler. We don't offer a room... we offer a comfortable well appointed 3 room guest suite which includes; Bedroom with queen bed and ample closet & drawer space, Large private bathroom with double sinks, large shower & toilet, Sitting room (study/ library) with desk, well stocked mini refrigerator, iPod sound system, Wi-Fi, and large private terrace. In addition you have personal access to the entire large open-plan living room and main terrace. Due to the location of our property you we'll find the bedroom exceptionally quiet. Breakfasts are included daily and sumptuous dinners can be prepared on request.


这个乡村是法国最美丽和人口最少的地区之一。它真的是一个时间已经被遗忘的土地,尽管人类已经占领了这个地区的这个地区(电话号码)。 法国政府在65个法国部门(县)中列出了148个村庄,他们保护并考虑这些村庄的真正国宝。所有这些村庄都可追溯到中世纪。 我们位于市中心,距离Rancho Escargot有10到20分钟车程的半径,那里有六座“Plus Beau Villages”。这些包括:Carennac,Loubressac,Autoire,Curemonte,Turenne和Collonges-la-Rouge。 尼安德特人在大约十五万五千年前来到这个地区,并且在一段时间内与Cro-Magnons共存。在这里发现的Cro-Magnon人可追溯到(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)年前,他们在当地的洞穴中描绘了非常现实的动物。我们被告知,世界上大部分的史前洞穴艺术将在法国西南部找到。在Pech-Merle等几个重要景点观看25,000年历史的画作,可以看到一些最好的例子。 其他值得在这里列出的其他地方包括:Rocamadour,自9世纪以来被朝圣者访问的几乎垂直的村庄,以及Gewffre de Padirac,为地下300米处的河流网络提供了壮观的入口并提供机会,通过一个美丽的洞窟和洞穴网络进行约1.5海里的一点巡航。 乡村法国菜在法国的任何地方都不会变好。这是黑松露,鹅肝和其他地区Quercynoise美食的零点。如果你来这里不要忘了带上你的胃口。 骑自行车,划皮划艇,划独木舟和步行也是非常受欢迎的娱乐活动,我们可以帮助您在本地访问您的设备要求。对于桨式运动爱好者,我们地区最感兴趣的河流包括:多尔多涅河(被认为是法国最干净,最美丽的)和维泽雷河(通过地区前史的心脏)。
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THIS RURAL COUNTRYSIDE is one of the most beautiful and least populated areas of France. It truly is a land that time has forgotten although mankind has occupied this region for ov(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) years.

The French government has generated a list of 148 villages within the 65 French Departments (Counties) they protect & consider these villages' true national treasures. All of these villages date back to the Middle Ages.

We are very centrally located and within a 10 to 20 minute drive radius of Rancho Escargot there are six ‘Plus Beau Villages'. These include: Carennac, Loubressac, Autoire, Curemonte,Turenne and Collonges-la-Rouge.

Neanderthal man came into this area about 125,000 years ago and, for a period of time, coexisted with the Cro-Magnons. The Cro-Magnon man discovered here dates back 40,000 years and by around 25,000 years ago supremely realistic animals were depicted in local caves by them. We have been told that a majority of world's prehistoric cave art is to be found here in southwestern France. Viewing the 25,000 year old paintings at Pech-Merle and a few other important sites provides the opportunity to see some of its finest examples.

Other places that deserve to be on your 'bucket list' here include: Rocamadour, the nearly vertical village that has been visited by pilgrims since the 9th century and the Gouffre de Padirac which provides a spectacular entrance to a network of rivers about 300 meters underground and provides the opportunity to take a little cruise of about 1.5 nautical miles through a beautiful grotto and cave network.

Rustic French cuisine just does not get better anywhere in France. This is ground zero for the black truffles, fois gras, and other regional Quercynoise delights. If you come here don't forget to bring your appetite.

Cycling, kayaking, canoeing and trail walking are also very popular pastimes here and we can help you access your equipment requirements locally. For paddle-sport enthusiasts the rivers in our region of most interest include; the Dordogne River (considered the cleanest & most beautiful in all of France) and Vézère River (which passes though the heart of the regions pre-history).


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We are on-site to insure our guest's personal comfort and we're available to assist with arranging a variety of additional services including: private personal guide & touring services, round trip airport/ train transfers and more.


法国乡村度假的包装很容易。这个地区在服装方面很随意。如果您计划在河流上花时间,可以携带一些很好的防水凉鞋或拖鞋,并用一些舒适而坚固的步行鞋来补充。另一个提示:将各种尺寸的Ziploc包装包装成要保护的东西,因为这些在这里很难找到,如果您是皮划艇或划独木舟,将会非常方便。啊,法国! 您的风格是您自己的,但请务必查看您最喜欢的网络天气链接,以了解我们的位置:法国Carennac,看看您可能会遇到什么样的温度。一般来说,我们建议您考虑层次,不要忘记一个好的极地羊毛和雨夹克。 SUNDRIES +:在Rancho Escargot的20分钟内有许多超市,所以在您入住期间不会再补充杂货和其他个人必需品。 离开家中的现金在法国农村银行分行越来越难以兑换外币和旅行支票欧元。因为许多农村企业不接受信用卡,所以您将需要现金。我们建议您根据需要将欧元从ATM机中扣除,所以不要忘记带上您的信用卡或借记卡的PIN号码。 驾驶员如果在法国有效,您将被许可。不需要国际驾驶执照。 移动电话是您的三频或智能手机吗?致电您的提供商,以了解它是否能在欧洲工作,然后请求解锁代码。一旦在法国,您可以在这里的主要超市连锁店轻松购买价格实惠的预付可充电本地“SIM卡”:家乐福和L'Leclerc。这些卡是法国电话的完美低成本解决方案,开始于:€15。 最好的时间到这里旅行?六月至十月
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PACKING for a holiday in rural France is easy. This region is very casual with respect to attire. If you plan spending time on our rivers bring some good waterproof sandals or slippers and compliment these with some comfortable and sturdy walking shoes. Another tip: Pack some Ziploc bags in various sizes for stuff you want to protect as these are difficult to find here and will prove very handy if you're kayaking or canoeing. Ahhh, c'est la vie en France!

YOUR STYLE is your own but be sure to check your favorite web-weather link for our location: Carennac, France to see what temperatures you might experience. Generally, we'd suggest you think layers, don't forget a good polar fleece and the rain jacket.

SUNDRIES +: There are number of supermarkets within 20 minutes of Rancho Escargot so there will be no problems restocking sundries and other personal necessities during your stay.

LEAVE MOST THE CASH AT HOME it is becoming increasingly hard to exchange foreign currencies and travelers checks for Euros in our rural French bank branches. You will need cash while here because many rural businesses don't accept credit cards. We suggest you pull Euros out of ATM's, as required, so don't forget to bring your credit or debit cards' PIN numbers with you.

DRIVERS LICENSE yours if valid works in France. There is no need for an International Drivers License.

MOBILE TELEPHONE is yours a tri-band or smart phone? Call your provider to find out if it will work in Europe then request the unlock code. Once in France you can easily purchase affordable pre-paid rechargeable local ‘SIM-card' at both major supermarket chains here: Carrefour and L'Leclerc. These cards are a perfect low cost solution for calls within France and start at: €15.

BEST TIME TO TRAVEL HERE? June through October


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I’m originally from Hawaii and with my French/ American wife, Martine; we have spent a great deal of time in France over the past 30+ years.

Both Martine and I enjoyed successful careers in the international travel and hotel industries prior to retirement. Now we divide our time between Southern California and rural southwestern France.

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