Two twin beds in this shared room.
4/2 Backpackers Heaven/Nomadas shared room
2 - 12岁
完美的生态意识/节俭的学生/旅行者。非常安全,在艺术区的便利位置。橡树园。步行到(24小时)蓝线火车和290次。 17分钟到芝加哥(杰克逊站)。主持人住在与宠物的sep区域。自由公园自助入住
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Perfect for the eco-conscious/frugal student/traveller. Very SAFE, convenient location in Arts Dist. Oak Park. Steps to (24 hr) blue line train & 290 expy. 17 mins to Chicago (Jackson stop). Hosts live in sep area w/ pets. Free park. Self check in.


请阅读列表的每个部分。 请注意,书桌不再在客房内。 我们的家是伟大的独立旅行者。我们有一个自助检查,使您能够在您预订之日的下午4点之后随时到达您的便利。 请阅读房屋规定。 我们是一个非常环保的家。 这间楼上的共用房间设有私人迷你冰箱和位于一楼的社区微波炉和冷水机。它舒适地容纳2。它也有一个loveseat。可以为第三人添加一个空气床垫。 我们有狗和猫。如果你有任何过敏或敏感性,甚至认为你可能有一些,这不是你的房子。狗在私人区域内与主人住在一起。你会遇到室内/室外猫赫克托和伊丽莎白。他们从不被允许在卧室里。 最多可以有4间客房(可以在房屋下看到)。有时,房子里有人和别人,可能只有少数几个人。在旺季(夏天,Lollapalooza例如),房子可能很忙,给你机会见到很多新人。 大约7分钟路程的投币式自助洗衣店 - 只有一个火车站。你也可以走路。由于当地法律法规,厨房不可用。 我们只需步行3分钟到蓝线火车。请注意,由于我们靠近火车,您会听到一些噪音。这是我们为这个惊人的方便付出的代价。这是搭乘火车直达奥黑尔机场,并在芝加哥市中心约17分钟。来自中途岛,你会采取橙线,并切换到蓝线在范布伦继续。距离290号高速公路也有5分钟的车程。 我们非常方便所有的景点,如西尔斯“威利斯”塔,千年公园,德沙德水族馆,田野博物馆,阿德勒天文馆,科学和工业博物馆,艺术学院,林肯公园动物园,佩吉Notebaert自然博物馆自由飞行的蝴蝶,最好的自然博物馆和我去过很多)和海军码头,仅举几例(这只是几个,还有更多的事情要做) 我们正在步行距离宝石和CVS(约5个街区)。宝石旁边是一个Budget / Avis汽车租赁,那些时候你只想开车。我可以让您免费停车多达30天。 我们来自“瑜伽之旅”(已经下课),Val's Halla纪录(如果您进入音乐,这是必看的地方),一些很棒的餐馆,意大利和The Buzz咖啡厅(大自由范围的牛肉汉堡,面筋免费,有机,伟大的咖啡),只有一列火车从巴西,美国,更多的墨西哥食物,墙壁上的冰淇淋(yum)和一个小家庭拥有杂货店的平底锅。洗衣店毗邻巴西餐厅。不要忘了尝试激情水果慕斯 - 美味! (我的意思很好吃) 对于建筑风格,弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)的家庭和工作室位于橡树园(Oak Park)以及许多建筑物。提供导游服务。 它也是欧内斯特·海明威的发源地 所有预订必须经过AIRBNB,包括最后一刻的预订。请不要当地居民出租 当相应的时候,请提供密码“Al是一只鸡”,所以我知道你已经完全阅读了这个描述。 请问你可以想到的任何问题。 非常感谢!
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Please read each section of the listing.

Please note the desk is no longer in the room.

Our home is great for the independent traveler. We have a self check in enabling you to arrive at your convenience anytime after 4 pm on the date of your reservation.

Please read the house rules.
We are a very environmentally conscious home.

This upstairs shared room has a private mini fridge and a community microwave and cold water cooler located on the first floor. It accommodates 2 comfortably. It also has a loveseat. An air mattress can be added for a third person.

We have dogs and cats. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, or even think you might have some, this is not the house for you. The dogs do live with the hosts in a private area. You will encounter the indoor/outdoor cats Hector and Elizabeth. They are never allowed in the bedrooms.

Up to 4 rooms are available (which can be viewed under listings). There are times when the house is full of people and others when there might be only a few. During high season (summer, Lollapalooza for example) the house may be very busy giving you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people.

A coin laundromat is about 7 minutes away- Just one train stop over. You can walk it too. Kitchen unavailable due to local laws and regulations.

We are just a 3 minute walk to the Blue Line train. Please note that because we are so close to the train, you will hear some noise. This is the price we pay for this amazing convenience. This is the train that takes you directly to O'Hare airport and also into downtown Chicago in about 17 minutes. To come from Midway you would take the Orange Line and switch for the Blue Line at Van Buren and continue on. It's also a 5 minute drive to the 290 on ramp.

We are very convenient to all the attractions such as the Sears "Willis" Tower, Millenium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (with the free flying butterflies. Best nature museum and I've been to many) and Navy Pier, just to name a few (and that's really just a few. There are so many more things to do!)

We are walking distance to the Jewel and CVS (about 5 blocks). Next door to the Jewel is a Budget/Avis car rental for those times you just want to drive around. I can get you free parking for up to 30 days.

We are around the corner from Yoga Trek (has drop in classes), Val's Halla records (if you're into music, this is a must see place) some great restaurants, Italian and The Buzz Cafe (great free range beef burger, gluten free, organic, great coffee) for eclectic fare, and just one train stop away from Brazilian, American, more Mexican food, Hole in the Wall for ice cream (yum) and a Pans, a small family owned grocery store. A laundry is next to the Brazilian restaurant. Don't forget to try the passion fruit mousse - delicious! (I mean really delicious)

For the architecture buff, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio is located here in Oak Park along with many of his buildings. Guided tours are available.

It's also the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway

All reservations must go through AIRBNB including last minute reservations. No local resident rentals please.

When corresponding, please offer the password, "Al was a chicken" so I know that you have fully read this description.

Please do ask any questions you can think of.
Thanks so much!


每间客房都设有私人迷你冰箱。一楼设有社区微波炉和冷水冷却器。现场主持人的住所是私人的。硬币洗衣房只需一分钟即可(约7分钟)。 Airbnb要求主人遵守所有当地法律法规,因此厨房不可用。禁止任何地方内外吸烟。
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Each room has a private mini fridge. A community microwave and cold water cooler is available on first floor. On site host's living quarters are private. Coin laundry just a stop away (about 7 minutes). Airbnb requires hosts to abide by all local laws and regulations, therefore, the kitchen unavailable. No smoking anywhere inside or out.


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Our house is great for the independent traveler. We have a great self check in system so you can arrive at your convenience at anytime after 4 pm on the date of your reservation. Our family lives in a separate part of the house. There are times when I will be around all the time and others when you might never see me. If you're looking for a place to rest and not a lot of host contact, this is a great place. If you want heavy host involvement and social gatherings, this home would not meet your expectations. However, I am able to be reached at all times by text.


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Bring towels. For your convenience, this is a self check in home. Fans only, no air conditioning. Hosts live in another part of the home but are on premises. My house is 100 years old. I have not done any decorative rehab. We do have dogs and cats. If you have any sensitivities or even think you might have sensitivities this is not the house for you. Smoking outside only. Please note there is no smoking of any kind in the home or outside. Free parking for the first 30 days. After that you can purchase parking through the village and park in a village lot or you can rent a space from me.


额外房客 $25 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)
满1周立减: 12%



• Check-in time is anytime after 4PM.
• Check out time is anytime before, but no later than 10AM.


Please help preserve my 100 year old home by following these simple rules.

Please read each section of the listing. I have added as many details as possible to ensure that you know exactly what to expect upon arrival in this shared room.

Please bring a towel.

*•BATHROOM. -- CLOSE THE SHOWER CURTAIN. Make sure the shower curtain is inside the bathtub. Do not let water run all over the floor. This destroys the ceiling in the dining room. Please, close the shower curtain.

*• Clean up after yourself in the bathroom. There are cleaning items for your convenience. Unfortunately I need to expand on this just a bit. The bathroom should be left exactly the way you would like to use it. And I will assume that would be no hair in the shower, no water splashed throughout the bathroom and most importantly no biological leftovers on the toilet.

*• Shower quickly and finish getting ready in your room as we only have one bathroom.

*• Remove your shoes. Please do not track in dirt/snow/slush/etc. on the wooden floors. Do not put dirty shoes all over the new carpeting. There are boot trays for your use. Use them please.

*• Quiet time begins at 10pm. Please use headphones.

*• No smoking allowed anywhere inside or outside of the house. As a courtesy to our neighbors I am no longer able to allow any smoking anywhere, including outside.

*• No drinking or smoking on my outside front stairs. Please understand that it is actually a city violation to openly drink outside in front of your house here.

*• Do not dismantle the smoke detector (and try to smoke).

*• No drug use at all in this home and this includes pot.

*• Please take out your garbage every night to the cans outside.

*• Do not close the fridge if it is unplugged.

*• No guests that were not on the reservation.

*• $10 will be charged from the security fee for failure to leave the key.

I ask is that you remember that this is my home. A home that I really love, that I have raised my family in and where life happens. We have dogs and cats. Please let me say that again. WE HAVE DOGS AND CATS AND ALL THINGS THAT COME WITH PET OWNERSHIP. Some people might be very sensitive to smells, others not. If I am giving my dogs a bath, I can 100% guarantee you it will smell like wet dog until they dry.

Please remember that I actually live here with my family and do have to carry on with my regular life activities.

If this might be an issue for you, please, I am begging you, do not book a room here and then become angry that I have pets.






Exactly how it is described. Tamara has multiple rooms with many people staying depending on the time of year. We only met briefly which I didn't mind. She was very helpful with directions around the neighborhood. If you don't mind a "hostile" style boarding house this is perfect for you at an unbeatable price. Truly 3 mins from the blue line and the buzz cafe is a quaint little joint that is a must see.

Tamara is so nice! The house is cozy!

Great place to save!

Tamara's place is great for someone who is looking to explore the Chicago area and only need a place to crash at your convenience. She communicated all the instructions very clearly and everything was as expected. The restroom was kept very clean. I just stayed here for one night, so I didn't spend much time at this place. It was a pleasant experience. You will also get Uber and Lyft coupons for up to $15 for staying here.

Tamara was very helpful throughout the entire process and even accommodated our unusual check-in time. Her place was clean and VERY easy to get to and commute to the city. Overall a great stay.

Host is pleasant and location is convenient but know that this is more of a hostel than what you'd normally get with an airbnb. Maybe I'm just not used to the shared room set up from airbnb but there were lots of corners cut for the sake of saving energy and it made for a fairly unpleasant stay.

Es muy bueno el lugar la habitación muy linda y un sitio tranquilo. Algo alejado pero de fácil acceso. Sería bueno mejorar servicio de cocina como un valor agregado importante para el huésped. De todas formas en relación calidad precio, lo recomiendo.


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