Picture yourself hanging out by our private pool (with our backyard chickens and two friendly cats, of course!)Your private backyard paradise!




2 - 12岁


Our spacious (1,400 square ft.) 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is an affordable option for your stay in northwest Austin. A king bed, queen bed, and comfy sectional couch are available. Amenities include a home gym (weights and a treadmill), private pool, hammock, fully stocked kitchen, and backyard chickens—fresh eggs!


We like to think that our guests will feel welcome and right at home as soon as you get here. After all, when my husband and I aren't renting our house to people like you, we live here - and we love it! We hope you will too.

We have flat screen TVs in the living room, master bedroom, and "workout room" - all are set up with Netflix, Hulu+ and Amazon Prime. The TV in the living room also has basic channels with an antenna if you just wanna watch the news or prime time TV, as well as Wii games and a DVD player. Our internet is 200mbps, aka blazing fast!


Mi casa es su casa. We have a home office in our backyard (the blue building pictured), which we will lock to keep our valuables secure. However, you are more than welcome to hang out on the office's porch and hammock, as it faces the pool in our backyard!


When you rent our whole house, we travel (my husband and I work remotely, so we are able to take it on the road with us!) If we're available, we try to meet our guests for a few minutes at the beginning of your stay, to show you around our home in person and answer any questions you may have. Just let us know what time you plan to arrive. If we are not able to connect timing-wise for your check-in, we always leave a binder on the coffee table with home info for you; we have a keyless entry system and will provide you with an access code before your check-in time. We will always be available to you via text or call.


Our backyard chickens are very low-maintenance, as most chickens tend to be. :) They have an automatic feeder and water drip in their chicken coop, so if you decide to rent our home for less than a week, nothing is required of you - just check the nesting box daily for your fresh eggs! Our yard is fenced in, so we let them "free range" in the grass during the day. If you happen to observe any of them looking lethargic or otherwise in need of attention, please call or text us and someone will come by asap to check on them.

We also have two super friendly and cuddly indoor-outdoor cats. While we can move them to our backyard studio during your stay if you prefer, they are definitely more comfortable in the main home where there is access to our back porch. Regardless, if you or anyone in your group has severe cat allergies, it may be best to rent another property. We apologize for any inconvenience!

We love our home and have done everything we can to make it a nice, homey experience - for you AND for us! Keep in mind that it is a 1970s home, and we are slowly updating things like the doors, landscaping, kitchen and bathrooms, etc. We strive to provide all of our guests with a clean and fresh home just as you should expect from looking at our home pictures, just keep in mind that this is an older home and it has it's quirks ;) If there are any maintenance issues or anything needs to be replaced, please let us know as soon as possible - we pride ourselves on providing a great experience so you can be worry-free and enjoy your stay!

卫生间: 2
卧室: 2
床铺: 2
入住时间: 14:00 - 00:00
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓
自助入住: 智能门锁


额外房客: 无需付费
清洁费: 50


入住时间为14:00 - 00:00

1. Smoking indoors is not permitted.

2. Sorry, no outside pets are allowed - our two cats have gotten used to our home and backyard (they actually love hanging out with our chickens!), but they simply won't allow any additional pets ;)

3. Our backyard chickens should remain there - in the backyard. Do not bring them in the house. (They're not easy to pick up anyway!) We do our best to keep the screened-in back porch closed, because if they sneak in there, they will do what birds do.... poop. All over the cement. And no one wants that :) Of course, if they happen to sneak in we won't hold that against you -- it happens to us too -- we just don't want to encourage it.

4. Please do not eat food in the bedrooms.

5. You may use the washing machine and dryer during your stay if you like. However, please note that the laundry is located in the garage, and the garage itself is not part of the rental. This is purely a safety concern; we have a lot of dangerous tools and it is currently quite disorganized - certainly not suitable for guest use. If you have any kids, please let them know they are not allowed in the garage.

6. You may have up to 4 additional visitors during the day if you like. However, only 6 guests total may stay overnight unless otherwise agreed upon with us ahead of time. If your visitors have separate vehicles, please note that we would like to limit the number of cars parked in front of our house to a maximum of four vehicles, out of respect for the neighborhood. If your group has more than four vehicles, you may park in the nearby parking lot for businesses at the Saba Center (only about a half block away).

7. Please go outside if you are going to smoke and make sure the door is closed behind you. We have set up an ash tray near the two adirondack chairs on the left side of the yard.

8. If you desire to rearrange our outdoor chairs and furniture, please put them back where they were found before you leave.

9. The indoor fireplace is purely decorative - do NOT light a fire there. We have found that using it brings unwanted smoke into the home. The fireplace on the back porch is usable, but please note that the metal latch to access the ashes there is a bit rusted and old. If you want a fire, your best option is to use the chiminea on the cement patio by the pool. There are twigs all over the yard that are perfect for burning here. :)

10. Feel free to help yourself to any snacks or drinks you find in our pantry or refrigerator. We hope you will agree that we are well-stocked! The kitchen pots and pans are yours to use as well, in addition to our utensils (drawer under the toaster oven) and spices (drawer to the right of the stove). Please put all dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher. Bonus points for those of you who start the dishwasher (you're our favorite!) but definitely not necessary :)

11. Our neighbors are friendly, but they will call the police if there is loud music after 10pm, so please keep your music down and your singing practice to daytime hours ;)

12. Double-check that all doors are locked and lights are off before you leave.

13. The cats are allowed outside — in fact, they love it! Please just make sure they are back inside before you go to sleep and before you leave. If you have trouble (Little Kitty can be especially difficult to convince sometimes …. she loves it out there) just send us a quick text message so we know to be on the lookout for her or can hurry home / send a neighbor so they aren’t stuck outside for an extended period of time.

14. We have a BBQ grill in the screened in porch, and a big smoker just outside (we provide plenty of wood for it on the back porch). If you or someone in your party knows how to use a smoker, by all means - help yourself! If not, we ask that you either call us and we can give you instructions over the phone, or refrain from attempting to use it. If you use the grill, please roll it outside of the back porch before lighting it :) we just keep it in there to keep it out of the rain.

15. We will clean the pool before you arrive, but if the weather is windy or rainy there's a good chance it may not be spotless, especially if you are booking with us longer than one night. In those cases, we will leave our pool robot in or nearby the pool - all you need to do is press the power button and it should take care of the rest for you. To take the pool robot out, just pull gently on the cord to bring it to surface level - then you can pick it up and place it to the side. You should also empty the leaf basket at least once a day if you'd like the pool to stay nice and clean - we have a very shady backyard, so lots of leaves tend to make their way in!As always, call or text us if you have any questions :)







Jane's home is wonderful! We stayed there as a family for my nephew's high school graduation weekend. The house was the perfect landing spot in between events and the pool was a awesome addition; my 8 year-old niece approved! The whole aesthetic was perfect, cozy but thoughtful, and Jane had everything there that we might need! If we ever have the need to stay in that area again, we will be coming back to Jane's!

An amazing place to stay at. You have a very clean house with all the amenities. When the host has filled up the fridge with all that you need to stay there on a lazy day, you know they care about you. A beautiful house in a very friendly neighbourhood and close to downtown, this is definitely the best place on airbnb. If i visit Austin again,it will be only if Jane's place is available. The two cats are wonderful cuddling companions and the chickens are the best alarm clocks to help you follow your plans.

We loved staying here!

Absolutely Amazing! love the home, pool, neighborhood, & the kittens!! we are already planning on staying again!

The home was exactly as announced and the location was very accessible to all major highways. Will stay here again.

Jane was very welcoming before our arrival. All house expectations nicely and clearly presented. Loved the house greeters Oliver, Little Kitty & "The Girls" (4 hens at the screen door)! Jane was also very generous with all in her home! Very well stocked & comfortable and clean!!

This home was perfect for our weekend stay in Austin. Very clean, cozy and Jane was readily available to answer the few questions I had. Would definitely consider staying here for my next trip to Austin


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My husband and I recently moved from NYC to our new home in Austin, Texas. We were married in November 2013 and bought our first house in December!

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