Little Paradise, beachfront deluxe wooden cottage
Little Paradise, beachfront deluxe wooden cottage

A quiet corner located in Agardanda (10 kms from Murud), Little Paradise is just that - a serene slice of paradise. With only the sound of waves to keep you company, this villa is the soul of tranquility.


Constructed in a minimalist log-cabin style, Little Paradise has two charming beach units facing the ocean - one with a single large room and the other with 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms are air-conditioned and have bathrooms ensuite, ensuring a peaceful stay.

Sink your toes into the water, lounge on a secluded beach or enjoy the amazing ocean breeze from the comfort of a cozy front porch. P.S - The view is spectacular during the monsoons!

Savor our delicious, home-cooked Maharashtrian cuisine while lounging on the ocean-facing verandah. This idyllic retreat is only improved with an outdoor porch swing placed in the garden, encouraging guests to sit for a spell and delight in their surroundings. Adding to the charm are two adorable geese that live on the property.


The guests have access to the sitting area, garden and the beach.


We will be available on phone as and when necessary. Staff on site can look after all guest requirements.


- Additional charges for extra children (6-12 years) is INR 1,765.
- We can arrange for driver's accommodation for an extra charge of Rs. 900 per night including meals.
- Charges for one pet is included in the tariff, however we charge INR 500 per pet, per day for more than 1 pet. Guests are requested to carry along food and bed linen for their pets. Pets will be restricted to the patio area.
- Meals are included in the tariff. For non veg meals, chicken is provided once (lunch/dinner) and fish is provided once (lunch/dinner). In case you wish to have either of it for both the meals, you will have to pay the caretaker on site for the additional cost of chicken/fish/mutton.
- In case the AC goes off suddenly, please alert the caretaker immediately.


We have a strict Cancellation Policy:
A Guest is entitled to a refund of 75% if he/she cancels the confirmed booking upto 15 days before the Date of Check-In (before 1 PM).
A Guest is entitled to a refund of 50% if he/she cancels the confirmed booking upto 7 days before the Date of Check-In (before 1 PM).
If the Guest cancels within 7 days of the Date of Check-In, he/she is entitled to no refund.

- As required by law, every guest above 18 must carry a copy of Govt. ID Card.
- We do not encourage loud parties and late night revelry.
- Consumption of alcohol is permitted within limits.
- Illegal drugs & narcotics are prohibited on the property.
- Bachelor & stag parties not allowed.
- Smoking within the villa/rooms is prohibited.



We had a wonderful time at this calm secluded place. The host shared us the exact location and its easy to reach. We get our own private beach where we could just sit and listen to the sound of waves. There is a swing in the front to enjoy the beautiful sea view. The caretakers made us very good food, of our choice. They were always accesible. A perfect getaway if you are looking for a peaceful time

Nice property hidden in the coconut grooves in Murud area. Has access to a small beach which isn't very clean still a nice view from the room. The caretakers are very prompt and the arrangements are done well. The food is the highlight which is served hot and delicious. Overall great place to relax unwind and do nothing for couple of days close to the sea and nature.

Scenic place but TERRIBLE hospitality ! We have been using AirBnB, in India and abroad, since 2013. Never had an experience as horrible as this. Despite the change in management from the owner to Saffron Stays we decided to book. We reached at 1 pm the cook, Shashikant, greeted us. No caretaker was visible. ISSUES : (1) Unlike what our friends, who had stayed when the owner ran the place, we were not offered any refreshments on arrival (40 mins post request 2 glasses of Nimbu Pani was served). No snacks in the evening and the food was sub-standard including burnt parathas. (2) The place was sweltering in the afternoon and the temporary Swiss cottage like structure made the heat unbearable. Low voltage meant that the AC won't run and the generator managed to run it only for 30 mins. The only fan in the cottage was a small fan high that one usually puts in a balcony or kitchen. The balcony which also doubles up as a dinning space has no fan. (3) In the evening, our retriever went for a nice run on the little beach in front and came back muddy. Only to be told that there is no water to wash him down. (4) Given all this we decided to leave the next day but our calls and text messages went unanswered by Tejas Parulekar, the owner of Saffron Stays. Trupti from the Saffron Stays office was contacted about our complaints and desire for premature departure. When asked about a refund she tried to educate us about how BnBs were not like hotels and she was more interested to ensure we paid the cook for literally the small bowl of rice that the dogs has been fed (we had carried the chicken mince ourselves). (5) It's been 5 days since we left but we still haven't heard from Saffron Stays about our complains or refunds. (6) Two little dogs (A pug & a bolognese) have been kept by the owner in the care of the staff. The pug has lost eyesight in one eye and the bolognese seemed perpetually scared and with matted hair. The pug spent most of the time in a open shed without a fan. They are clearly not getting the right care that these breeds need. I am looking at options of informing the SPCA.

Private beach, simple but delicious food and cooperative but non intrusive staff..will definitely return again.

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The view is amazing. Highly recommended! Hosts were really nice. Would go here again!

Awesome place, great food, over helpful staff, courteous hosts made for a great weekend. We will surely be back.

the good : =========== Location and exclusivity of the place. Superb view from porch of the cottage the bad : ========= 1. Owner of the place was out of India , and did not communicated the preferences shared by guests(me) beforehand with caretaker . 2. We arrived at place 12:30ish as was communicated to one of caretaker "Chotu" two days in advance. We were expecting to get our lunch served max by 1pm . But we were served lunch at 2.30pm !!! ....when we were suppose to have afternoon nap after this? Very specific "complete seafood meal" was requested , and was partly fulfilled by caretakers with lean meat as fillers . If he was aware of preferences I had shared with owner, he could have courtesy to ask /re-confirm . This was major disappointment. Already suggestion has been given to host to exclude food from the tariff . It is not serving the purpose . On the day of checkout , only breakfast was served and tea was not served !! for which we had to ask separately and this "request" was taken as overhead !! One thing is for sure , caretakers need to be more attentive and polite .And it will be very helpful if the owner (Muneera) is more accessible so that , guest's concern are addressed more promptly. If food is not much of concern to you or if you are not too disciplined about your food habits , timings etc , this is all good place to give a shot to ;)
Hi Abhijit, We are sorry your stay was not as satisfactory as many of our other guests. Yes, the meal on day of your arrival was delayed and we are sorry about that. However, your meal preferences were a very tall order indeed.. lobsters and tandoor.. our description clearly states we serve home cooked meals. Also, unfortunately, as was explained to you, the market had been shut the day before your arrival and hence only limited fish could be procured. Inspite of this, our caretaker on your insistence, made a fish curry at the last minute and served chicken and fish for lunch and then chicken and prawns for dinner. Inspite of this, you say your preferences were not adhered to, which I donot accept. The offer to get more fish at an extra cost was also provided to you, however, you declined the same. We had explained that we serve chicken in one meal and a fish dish in other. However, Jahangir went out of his way to serve you. You can see in all our reviews, our caretakers are never rude, but extremely polite and keen to please our guests. Their cooking is also very tasty (see the reviews). We stand by and are extremely proud of our staff for their hospitality. Although the owner is travelling, she is always available and she was for you as well. I am surprised at this comment.

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