Creative Living Retreat
2 - 12岁

Immerse in your own creativity and enjoy a morning or afternoon every 3 days with author, ex-New York editor, and filmmaker who has led professional Creative Living workshops & retreats from coast to coast! This private retreat includes...


$333/day, 3-12 day Creative Living Retreat which includes immersing in one's own creativity while enjoying a morning or afternoon every 3 days with the creative professional host wearing her author/ex-New York editor/filmmaker "hat" as someone who has led such offerings from coast to coast along with providing professional consultations to individuals launching creative careers &/or getting professional artistic lives to the next level of success.

This specific, private Creative Living retreat includes:

• Time to immerse in your own project(s) in this simple, sacred, nature-based environment which has supported the forward momentum of numerous artistic folk on their own creative/spiritual paths over the years.

• One morning or afternoon every 3 days (up to a maximum of 12 days/4 scheduled sessions) of privately-offered support from me that draws on the knowledge base of having worked with & for large publishing houses & small, film studios & independent production companies, newspapers and established as well as emerging artists in every field including visual & musical arts for decades, with my own work published & produced by the likes of Bantam, HarperCollins, Prentice Hall, Dell, Charlesbridge, Children's Television Workshop, Independent Cinema, Shark Productions, Sidewalk Revolution Press, Popular Photography, Winds of Change, The Humanist, and many many more.

• And this support can include, as applicable:
1. personal-professional stories, activities, guidance;
2. behind-the-scenes answers to questions about the industry you want to enter or move up in;
3. evaluation of a pivotal portion of your work-in-progress (such as first or last book chapter, dvd of short or feature film, first, middle or third act of your script, selection of songs or poetry, or an appropriate portion of whatever creative project you are currently birthing) with suggestions for polish plus marketing strategy;
4. tailored ritual and spiritual ideas toward more fully aligning with overall creative career goals;
5. and-or let me know what would feel most helpful, and if it's something I can realistically provide, I'm happy to! :)


What does it mean to be more eco-friendly while having a lower human impact on an environment? To be with & in nature rather than admiring it from afar?

In volcanic tropical rainforest (like on the planet, in general, now that climate patterns are changing!), the weather & its effects can feel louder & more present than people. For those used to more bustling city-rhythms & controlled environments kept just-so, this can be an adjustment. Your skin WILL be touched by plant life, and by the elements (sun & moon shine, air, dewdrops, rain!) :)

This environment ebbs & flows with iridescent skink lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, chameleons, singing tree frogs, roaming families of wild pigs, outdoor kitties...and also creative/spiritual humans, from time to time. (So far, things like mosquitoes have happily been rare.) We prioritize protecting & respecting nature in its natural state.

We do have electricity for things like lights, refrigeration, cooking, but are in the process of transitioning to solar showers, for example, and we make it a point to try & collaborate with the Spirit of the Land rather than trying to conquer it, by learning to inventively recycle, repair, reuse -- fixing & fashioning things with natural materials whenever possible -- rather than always discarding to consume. Which can sometimes be quite an adventure! ;)

Things it would be Good to Bring With You:

* A flashlight (the stars are gorgeous when skies are clear because night can be quite dark when the moon isn't full),

* Sturdy shoes & easy slip on/off shoes (like most places in Hawaii, we do "no shoes inside"),

* Warm & cool weather clothing (days tend to be mild year-round; nights can sometimes be chilly),

* Whatever you like to eat. People can potluck share with each other, if they like, and there's a "food-to-share shelf" anyone is welcome to take from & add to (which sometimes has lots of yummy stuff on it;, other times not, just depends whose been here & what they contribute!),

* And your spirit of adventure! :)

Longer-term stays & studies sometimes possible. Inquire. :)


What previous folk have had to say:

"Woke to the sound of rain makai... feeling one foot in the past and one in the future... I needed solitude, new landscapes, work that worked my body and my soul... Don't know where this road is going but I'm happy to walk it."
Cora, poet, photographer, researcher of rare & endangered plants

"Wow! What can I say about such a life-changing experience? An amazing two and a half month opportunity for contemplation, meditation and internal work--those things that needed attention oozed up to the surface and flowed out like lava from Kilauea... Books, conversations and movies that all converged on points key to my book and my spiritual growth...lessons in existing harmoniously...discovering a true sense of community....I have to leave for now, but I will return!"
Jordan, singer, songwriter, healer

"Thank you so much for opening your home to us & giving us a glimpse of your life."
David & Abraham
writer, artist, community activist

"Musical instruments, a great house, & warm people...who could ask for anything more!"
Dan, Eli, & Bobby

"You guys are just wonderful, beautiful people! Thanks for your smiles and joyfullness, it radiates from you. Thank you again for welcoming us with open arms."
polynesian dancer, poi baller

"Thanks for a great welcome. Chicken soup, company, air, sunrise, stars. Hope to see you again SOON!"
playwrite, activist


Price for Private Creative Retreat is per person; though couples and small groups are welcome! If you'd like to come as part of a couple or small group, you'll book for that number of "guests" & price will adjust accordingly...but please contact me FIRST to make sure a larger-than-single space is available; don't Instant Book! Thanks! :)



New Friends: We have free wireless here for your convenience :) but in the spirit of nature-based balance & non-techie focus, PLEASE NOTE -- as your Goddess Gal host, I am NOT online every day...which is why things here are set up for goddess gals, couples & families to be able to “Instant Book”…& then we can speak to each other directly, after airbnb gives us each other's phone #'s!

If you happen to have questions you'd like answered before you book, I'm happy to answer them; just know that sometimes I'm on my computer a lot & you'll hear from me instantly, while other times it may take a little bit before I am next doing electronics...thanks!

So, house guidelines:

We are consciously substance-use (smoke/alcohol/drug) free. :)

Mutually-agreeable check-in times are set up in advance.

And a Special Note to our Male Friends: Since this shared home environment has a "Goddess Girl" focus at this time, with private women's retreats of one kind or another happening regularly, we generally welcome individual women/couples/families but are generally NOT welcoming single men or groups of men we don't already personally know at this moment in time.

(If you would like to stay here & this caveat applies, please just contact me to see when a stay might feel right & possible; please do NOT Instant Book, because that would likely mean you'd need to cancel!)

Thanks SO MUCH for honoring our unique intentions in this time of the Divine Feminine rising towards harmonizing things here on lovely Planet Earth! :)







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Each day is a gift.

I enjoy some doing & some being in this volcanic wonderland among spindly dancing ohia lehua trees, tall hapu'u ferns, cultivated Hawaiian medicinals, wild fruiting strawberry guava saplings (in season)...and a quiet, ever-evolving bit of rare & not-so-rare plants, critters, creativity, magic, people.

Looking forward to the gift of meeting you! :)

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