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25 sqm Room Prenzlauer Berg / VEGAN
25 sqm Room Prenzlauer Berg / VEGAN

We offer a calm 25sqm room in a 110sqm apartment. We are casual arts / theatre / education students / pro's of german, french, italian, spanish background & offer you a tidy, veggie place w blender for a wonderful time in Berlin (your diet up to you)


The house is 100 years old, with high ceilings. The house is super central, calm, neighbours are nice, it's all safe and perfect. The location is superb (see below). Space to breathe and chill. Space for your clothes to feel at ease. Fridge space. Anything else? Talk to us.


You have your own room, with access to small and big bathroom, large kitchen and you are free to roam and choose your place to hang out, computer work, eat, read... you have your own key to be completely independent. Your room faces the calm green backyard, links with the big bathroom (with bathtub, shower, washing machine), and is separated from the main apartment by a corridor; means you have your privacy like a mini apartment. To get to the big bathroom, us / your friendly neighbours occasionally cross your Bedroom #2 (like twice for 10min's a day) which is no big deal; we've lived like this for years, also with guests. We can all arrange this passage at convenient times, since schedules always differ and interlink easily. WE USE the neat, small bathroom in the apartment's front part with toilet and sink.


We are smart, travelled, culturally savy and buzy on our stuff - thesis, projects ... which means we are happy, casual, calm people, yep, and even advanced with yoga and delicious veggie vegan cuisine - no longer on a the clubbing party trail (we've had it all to the max), therefore *not energetically interfering with your self, dreams, adventure, night or day schedule :: you have all your liberties for your diet, times, experience. Therefore, it is probably a PENSION experience - you have all your liberties with some friendly living furniture (us) giving you tipps and MAYBE if the flow of the day says :: joining you for breakfast, dinner or even a spontaneous nightout for black and white cinema, impro theatre or whatever. But no expectations. IT'S YOUR ADVENTURE.


If you are veggie, spiritually, change the world inclined - this is your jackpot place to be. If not, be relaxed, do your thing - our vegan chefs can share some of the magic discoveries of vegan living with you to enrich your fun and cuisine.


额外房客 $6 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)


This is a no smoking apartment, we cannot have loud music because of ancient buuilding thin ceilings. But in Berlin, party is allover the city, so we never felt the need to go berserk at home and you won't either. That's pretty much it. Ah - MEN SIT DOWN FOR PEEING, since we respect our divine sisters, as well as our own pretty selves.




Insgesamt alles super gewesen, Top Zimmer, nette Mitbewohner, gute Lage, liebe Katzen, gerne wieder :)


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HI. I am a social entrepreneur in the field of youth leadership, education and sustainable development involved in projects all over the planet. I have travelled a lot, am initiated in many cultures and traditions, grew up with sports, fantasy games, nature and dj'ing. I am casual, conscious and caring, do all sorts of sacred practices, yes, incl yoga, acro yoga, massage but also practices of Native Americans and others. I have a focus on enjoying life and playing a responsible role for upgrading society. I am tidy in terms of feeling good, but not in terms of a being clinically clean. Typical aware traveller style, I'd say, and the same should be true for you, - to have a focus on enjoying enjoy life while being respectful of others - then this place is really good for you to be yourself and enjoying Berlin.