Very nice furnished apartment 238/1
Very nice furnished apartment 238/1

Fully furnished ONE bedroom apartment (65 m²) situated at first floor Rue Gray 238, situated between place Jourdan and place Flagey, at walking distance of Eu and place Shuman.
We have 20 years of experience in this business, and supply high quality


one bedroom apartment (65 m²) with twin beds (each 200 x90cm), the beds can be separated, at your demand the beds can be replaced by bunk beds. Fully furnished ONE bedroom apartment (65 m²) situated at first floor Rue Gray 238, situated between place Jourdan and place Flagey, at walking distance of Eu and place Shuman.
The apartment is provided with separate bathroom and have bath and shower;
The apartment is fully equipped and has its own kitchen equipped with a cooker (gas), fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, blender, cutlery, dishwasher, etc…
The apartment has conventional central heating and air conditioning, Well isolated and has double glazing.
It is equipped with free high speed internet, free cable TV, TV stereo and home cinema system, laundry facilities in the apartment. (or in the building).
Sheets and towels provided, iron table + iron at your disposal.
Possible for a stay for 1 to 4 persons.


额外房客 $12 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)
清洁费 $109
押金 $1215
满1周立减: 22%



Article 1 :Object of the agreement – description of the property.
The landlord puts a furnished flat/apartment at the tenant’s disposal and the latter accepts the furnished apartment located as indicated on the site of AIRbnb :
The tenant declares having received the property in the state described in the description of the premises. An will be handed over to the tenant on arrival. The inventory must be checked by the tenant, and be signed within 24 hours, fitted with the observations of the tenant. After being signed, it will form an integral part of the agreement.
The tenant commits himself to handing over the property to the landlord at the end of his stay in the state described in the inventory, an exception being made for the charges caused by the use or by the wear and tear, and after permission, for the transformations and improvements.
In case of considerate changes to the property, the parties commit themselves by mutual agreement to make an annexe to the inventory.

Article 2 : Destination.
The flat is put at the tenant’s disposal for personal use only. The tenant formally declares that he will use the flat as secondary and temporary residence, and only with the objective of doing a working-traineeship in Brussels.
The tenant can in no case establish his domicile in the flat. The tenant’s domicile is the one written down on his passport on arrival. The law on leases is not applicable to the present agreement.
The exercise of any commercial or professional activity is formally prohibited, except after written permission by the landlord.
For any loss suffered by the landlord due to a fiscal deduction or whatever kind of declaration to the authorities by the tenant, the tenant will be held responsible.
The flat will be occupied by the number of persons the tenant made reservations for, whether they are adults or minors of age. For every occupation (full stay) of an extra person, the rent and the charges will be increased by 25 %.
For any additional occupation, per additional person the rent and the charges will be increased by 10 euro per day and per person for a short stay (i.e. less than 7 days) and by 60 euro per person per week for every stay longer than 7 days.
Any occupation that has not been previously reported in writing (at least 1 day in advance) to the landlord, entitles the landlord to cancel the lease, immediately and without previous formal notification. In these circumstances, a compensation for the value of the remaining rent with a minimum of the rental guarantee will be charged.

Article 3 : Lease transfer and sublease.
The tenant is not allowed to transfer his rights or part of his rights, nor to sublease the flat or part of it.
The landlord is free to grant exceptions to the tenant, after having been consulted first in writing.

Article 4 : Changes and transformations.
The tenant can only carry out changes, transformations or refittings after having obtained a previous and written permission given to him by the landlord.
The changes, transformations, refittings or improvements will be fully acquired by the landlord, who does not have to pay any compensation to the tenant, not at the moment the works are being carried out, nor at the moment the present agreement expires.

Article 5 : Maintenance and small reparations.
The tenant is responsible for all the reparations and the maintenance caused by his fault except for the reparations and maintenance caused normal use by hazard or in cases of force majeure.
The tenant will do the maintenance of the washing machine, the dryer and the dishwasher, and he will use the appropriate products for the well-functioning of these machines.
In case the tenant should lose his keys, be it those of the main front door, or those of the door of the building, the landlord will change the locks at the tenant’s charges. In any circumstance, the tenant is formally prohibited to replace the locks or the cylinders. Any intervention at this level will be undertaken by the landlord. Any infringement by the tenant to this rule, entitles the landlord to put an end to the agreement immediately and without previous formal notification. In these circumstances the tenant will be charged a compensation that equals the value of the remaining dues with a minimum of the rental guarantee.
In the case of cancellation of the lease, the landlord has the right to have the locks changed and to refuse to give access to the building and to the flat.
The landlord has the right to visit the flats after having informed the tenant by e-mail, except in cases of emergency when he has the right to visit the flats without prior notice.
It the tenant refuses, this will be considered a cancellation of the lease by the tenant, and it will have the same consequences as the cancellation by the landlord as described in article 6 of the present agreement.

It is formally prohibited to paint or to re-paper the flat.

Article 6 : Insurances – energy consumption.
The landlord has underwritten a insurance policy against fire for the whole property, and for the cover of possible damages to his furniture and to his other moveable property, like integral fire and civic responsibility, with dismissal of recovery against the tenant.
Consumption of electricity, heating, water and gas are not included in the dues. Consumption will be determined by meter reading. An imprest of €60/month (non-refundable) is included in the rent. Electricity and gas according to meter reading, heating 0.75€/radiator/day, warm water 0.5€/day. If the consumption exceeds the amount of the imprest, the supplement will have to be paid by the tenant.What goes over needs to be paid by the tenant.
The adjustment will be made at the end of the stay.
The tenant can in no case claim an anticipated adjustment.
At the end of the stay, the amount of 90 euro is payable to have the flat cleaned.

Article 7 : Pets.
The landlord does not allow pets.

Article 8 : Use of the apartment.

It is very important to ventilate the apartment in the way we will indicate to you on arrival. If you don’t and you get mould on the walls you will be charged for the repairs.

After showering, the bathroom MUST be ventilated. Bath or shower should be cleaned. Hair and other bigger items should not be flushed down the drain, IT COULD CAUSE BLOCKING.
If you block the drain, you will be charged for the repairs.
Internet is for free, it is wifi. Follow the instructions on the rooter.






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