We will start with a whirlwind overview of Oxford as the central player in 1,000 years of British history, and giving guests an understanding of how the sprawling institution operates before embarking on the tour. Navigating down the windy alleyways we will get an insiders take on the little known viewing angles that bring across the drama of the world famous architecture in this city. With striking spires and imposing buildings, we will cover how these influenced Tolkien, C S Lewis, along with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We will enter one of the oldest Colleges at Oxford, renowned for its beautiful gardens, before heading into one of the most famous Library's in the world - responsible for over 13 million books. Capping this off we will cover a Harry Potter film site, along with why the most powerful religious figure England has ever seen, was burnt alive in the centre of Oxford, on what is now such a nondescript part of road you could easily miss it. Please note: Colleges and the Library can shut without notice and currently they are available as of August 2021. If this changes on the day we will of course incorporate them - if we are not able to offer any access, we will offer up the option of a full refund.
This is a tour for everyone, but especially designed for families, with a spotting list for yyounger children. I offer a unique chronological trip through Oxford's colourful history, from the Saxon origins of the town to the present day. If kids are on the tour I'll admit that I am a time traveller! We will see some of Oxford's best-known landmarks and hear about the people and events that made the city and the university world-famous - as well as some of the scrapes I got into when visiting them! Other things to note: We meet behind the University Church on Radcliffe Square - it's a bit quieter! During off season I'm happy to adapt timing of tours, please do enquire! Travel around Oxford can get a bit congested so please don't hesitate to text or call me if you have any problems and I will do my best to adapt when possible. There are cobbled streets on the tour.
Discover the enchanting city of Oxford like never before on a small-group walking tour. Dive into the vibrant, historic streets of this iconic city, renowned for its stunning architecture and the world-famous Oxford University. Embark on an adventure that takes you to Oxford's most celebrated landmarks and hidden gems. Uncover the secrets of the city that many visitors miss, learn about the rich traditions of Oxford University, and immerse yourself in tales of its illustrious authors. Visit iconic Harry Potter film locations, wander off the beaten path through charming passageways, stroll along medieval streets, and peek through historic college doorways for a truly unique experience. By the end of the tour, you might find yourself ready to unwind with a drink and a bite at a magical, hidden gem of a place. This tour is perfect for everyone; couples, singles, families, and friends. Come as strangers, leave as friends—that’s the Airbnb way! Whether rain or shine, any time of the year, join a fun, relaxed, and informative tour that caters to all ages. For a more personalized experience, you can also book a private tour. If there are no available dates on my calendar, just ask! Join us and let Oxford’s magic captivate you!
Escape to Oxford Classic Walking Tours
Daily tours commence at 11 am, 12 pm and 2 pm. From the meeting point at the Martyrs' Memorial, we meander through the heart of Oxford, passing a number of historic buildings and university colleges. These include the 1000 year-old Saxon Tower, the oldest building in Oxford and the finest example of Saxon architecture in England. We view the historic Graduation School, Christopher Wren’s first major architectural project, the first purpose-built public museum in the Western world and the Gothic splendour of the 15th century Divinity School. We pass Oxford's Bridge of Sighs, through the Bodleian Library into Radcliffe Square to be confronted by the magnificent Baroque Radcliffe Camera (one of the most sought after landmarks in the UK), view the magnificent Gothic architecture of University Church of St Mary, meeting place of the university's first governing body and All Souls College. Hidden gems include Tolkein's Dark Tower, the twin Towers of Mordor and Oxford's Narnia land featuring the lamp, Mr Tumnus and Aslan which inspired CS Lewis. Guides are well versed in the history of Oxford from the founding of the city over 1000 years ago to the beginnings of the University in the 13th century, through the industrial revolution to the present day. Where possible guests enter university and college buildings. Private tours available on request - minimum four (4) persons.
Harry Potter Tour of Oxford
This is our most magical and whimsical experience. You will be equipped with robes, wands, house scarves and wander Oxford with a guide whose passion is Harry Potter. Entrance to two film sites (New College & the Divinity School) is included! Not only do we include the magical wonders of Harry Potter in Oxford, but we will also tell you about the other fabulous children’s books written in Oxford, including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia, and the scholars who wrote them. For those looking beyond Harry Potter, Oxford has also produced numerous famous graduates, along with other notable academics. Oxford University focused information will be provided throughout the tour, though the extent of it will be tailored to each groups requirements. Suitable for Potterheads of all ages!
Oxford Is an amazing city and a chat over a drink in a couple of the oldest pubs in town makes getting to know it all that much more enjoyable. We will meet in the late afternoon and I will show you the iconic sites and tell you about the history, the personalities and events that influenced the world. With as many pubs as colleges in the city centre, there is ample choice of where to sit and absorb the centuries of information. Try a local brew, drink where medieval stables used to be, contemplate the Saxon city wall, watch the quirkiness of ancient establishments, sit where famous literature personalities sat. All within a short walking distance from one another, you will see historical monuments, world-famous buildings and sites where world-shaping events took place. Listen to the legends, the facts and the fantasies hidden around every corner of this magical place while relaxing by the fire or in the garden of pubs that are hidden gems. Other things to note The tour is suitable for all abilities and if you have any specific requirements, please contact me and I will most certainly be able to accommodate you. As the group size is very small you will most likely enjoy a fully private tour.
The Oxford Inklings tour-Lewis & Tolkien
Tolkien once described the Inklings club as “An undetermined and unelected circle of friends who gather around C S lewis, our habit was to read aloud compositions of various kinds ....and lengths !" One cannot underestimate how the loud encouragement this circle of friends gave one another helped produce some of the most important and popular books of the 20th century. Not only Fantasy classics such as The Chronicles Of Narnia and The Lord Of The Rings but also important religious works such as Lewis’s “Mere Christianity” a book which has sold over two hundred million copies. At a relaxed pace, we will explore many sites and stories associated with this eclectic group, concentrating not only on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien but also some of the other Inklings such as Owen Barfield and a man who was a great influence on Lewis, Charles Williams. Whilst taking in Oxford's stunning architecture we shall wander the grounds of a beautiful medieval College associated with the Inklings and visit The University Church of Saint Marys {Where Lewis gave talks} - any entrance fees are included in the price We shall also walk by many of their regular haunts such as The Eagle And Child pub & Eastgate Hotel. I shall also regale great stories of which I have collected over many years Other things to note Comfortable foot wear is highly recommended, roads in Oxford are uneven in places.
Official Oxford Cycle Tour
Explore & experience the highlights and hidden gems of Oxford by bicycle on our family friendly gentle paced official Oxford cycle tour. Known for its beautiful, historic architecture, Oxford still retains the ability to surprise us with its with its waterways, its parks and its hidden streets and gardens. As well as seeing the university from close up, our Official Oxford Cycle tour shows you parts of the city that most visitors do not see, and travel by bicycle allows us to slip away to visit quiet waterways and meadows with wildlife and views of the city that will remain with you long after leaving. We begin by cycling amongst dreaming spires, the students’ colleges and university departments before escaping the hustle and bustle of the city centre into the surrounding countryside, riding alongside the River Thames in Port Meadow, and having a glimpse of the daily lives of past and present Oxonians. The Official Oxford cycle tour has 11 carefully selected stops, tailored to reflect a broad mixture of history, culture and hidden gems. At each stop our friendly guides will share some insight into our historic city, allowing plenty of time for interaction and photographs. Other things to note Key Facts Distance: 8.4 miles / 12 km Duration: 2 to 3 hours Difficulty: Very easy, family friendly Bike suitability: All, child trailers and seats available
At a leisurely pace with small groups of no more than ten, we shall explore sites and entertaining stories associated with famous authors and poets who have studied or taught at Oxford such as Lewis Carroll, Graham Greene, Oscar Wilde, William Golding, C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien, as well as writers with Oxford connections separate to the University such as Kenneth Grahame, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and William Shakespeare. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish during our walk through Oxford’s grand literary history. Other things to note Some of Oxford's cobblestoned streets can be a bit uneven and it is always a good idea to keep a look out for cyclists when crossing the roads in Oxford.
**Group bookings of 3 or more people achieve a 10% discount** Come and experience this magnificent full-day, driving and walking tour of the famous Cotswolds with an expert local guide, in-vehicle refreshments and plenty of incredible photo opportunities along the way. The Cotswolds is an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (AONB) known for its stunning countryside, historic castles, grand manor houses, lively market towns and quaint villages with honey-coloured stone cottages. By booking this tour, you will escape the hassles and time constraints of accompanying a larger group, gain local insights and be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience. During this tour, you will: • Be driven in a luxury vehicle with refreshments. • Visit quintessential English countryside locations. • Learn about the history of the places we visit . • Hear fun stories from my time growing up in the Cotswolds. • Have access to an in-vehicle Wi-Fi connection. • Enjoy some free time to explore, or relax. • Stop for photographs in various places along the way. • Eat and drink in a Cotswold pub or restaurant (Optional- not included in tour price). Tours run from 10am - 4:30pm approx. Public tour guests - I will collect you from (and return you to) Kemble train station. Private tour guests - you can be collected from (and returned to) your accommodation anywhere in The Cotswolds.
Oxford University Walking Tour Led By University Alumni
In just an hour walk through pivotal moments of human history: from petty and outlandish rivalries to architectural masterpieces with confusing names. See the lamp-post which inspired Narnia and the architecture which has inspired His Dark Materials. Visit the meadows where C.S. Lewis first recounted the story of Alice in Wonderland. Marvel at some of the world’s greatest examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture. Inspiring, baffling, and downright outrageous: Oxford is a city full of stories waiting to be told. Oxford is nothing without its students, and it’s the students who make our walking tours so special. All our tour guides are either graduates of or current students at the University of Oxford who combine their personal experiences of the city with their deep passion for its history, architecture, and stories to provide a one-of-a-kind tour. Combining a deep passion for the city’s history and architecture with the knowledge you hear all about what the students really get up to – from BOPS to secret societies and which all-night library permits outside snacks. Which college is the poshest one, and which is the oldest? Which one has traditions designed only to mock the traditions of other colleges? As well as hearing it all from the horse’s mouth, you get to see inside colleges, with highlights including the beautiful Jesus college gardens. This is the real Oxford.
Learn the art of letterpress printing in a working printshop and create your own poster or cards. You will learn how to compose type, mix inks and operate the different presses. You will explore the range of wooden and metal type, and vintage blocks and learn how to use them. Choose your own type, set it on your galley, choose your ink colour, and print! You can print an A3 poster on the proofing press or make your own set of greeting or correspondence cards on the Arab or Adana presses. Suitable for children over 7 with adult accompaniment. If you are visiting the area for a special occasion, such as wedding planning, birthday or anniversary celebrations and would like to print something special such as Save the Dates or posters to mark the occasion please contact me directly so I can help organise what you would need.
In this fun introductory class you will get familiar with the potters wheel and learn what it is like to have a go at throwing. On arrival at our Studio, you’ll be warmly welcomed as you join the rest of your group. The workshop begins with a full demonstration of the pot throwing process, given by one of our expert potters. You will then be individually assigned a potter’s wheel for the duration of the workshop and its your turn to get hands-on and have fun practising your pottery skills! An experienced tutor will be on hand throughout offering practical tips and guidance. You will learn the 5 basic steps in making a pot, from centering, opening out and pulling up the walls of your pots, using specialist tools. You may create as many pots as you wish on the session, using an unlimited supply of clay. As a beginner, your pots tend to be super wobbly and often collapse but it’s all part of the fun and the normal learning curve of a potter! This is a make and take class, so at the end of the workshop you can chose your best piece to take away on the day free of charge (additional pots charged at £3). Pots can be left to airdry at home and painted if you wish.
This is a private and personal session. Do you want to take away some great photographs of yourself in Oxford, to remember your time here? Or, some beautiful Instagram content that you couldn't easily take yourself? I will do that for you. Whilst moving between iconic locations of Oxford, we will explore the Bodleian Library, the Bridge of Sighs, the Radcliffe Camera, Christ Church Meadows, and surrounding areas. I will also take you via hidden gem locations to show you the real personality behind the bustle and red telephone boxes. I aim to show and capture the true essence of the city. This is a great experience for individuals, couples, families, and friends! If you would like to have your photoshoot inside the Oxford Botanical Gardens, or one of the Colleges, the entrance fee for one person other than myself is included in the cost :) The price for a couple is the same as for one person. If there are more than 3 people, please ‘Book for a Private Group’. Feel free to contact me if the dates you want to shoot at are not showing up on my calendar. I’m more than happy to accommodate you :) Let me know in advance if there's anywhere in particular you'd like to be photographed at, and I will try to accommodate it.
Oxford is a beautiful historic city with an outstanding collection of world famous buildings! You will have your personal photoshoot, received 20 images from your session and you will learn different techniques on how to get the most out of your camera. I will share great photography tips with you that will make your holiday images stand out so you can have beautiful memories of the places you visit. You can be beginner, intermediate or pro, everyone is welcome to join! Please bring your camera (or smartphone), a comfortable pair of shoes and your positive attitude! :)
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