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#Pick up time is depending where are you stay, 2.00PM and 3.00PM

The temple (pura in Balinese) is built at the edge (ulu) of a 70-meter-high (230 ft) cliff or rock (watu) projecting into the sea.
starting from a leisurely 3pm pickup at your hotel to the dramatic close of the Kecak fire dance at sundown.
We will drive to Uluwatu Temple while the sun is high on the sky; it sits on the edge of a cliff, absorbing the powerful atmosphere around it – you’ll feel it when you get there.
Explore the beautiful temple grounds, take your time, before heading to the open-air amphitheatre fronting the sea. You might want to get there ahead of the crowds to get a good seat.
While pro surfers head to Uluwatu for its fabled hollow walls of water, we’re here for another element entirely: that of fire. The fiery sunset as seen from the temple-cliffs, and the flames that burn Hanuman, ardent devotee of Lord Rama from the Hindu Ramayana.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is a proposal for a magical evening,
Other things to note

1.for Solo traveler will be charged an additional IDR 250k to cover our expenses
2.Dinner is personal expenses
3.FOR HAID period Woman are not allowed to ENTER The Tample


#Pick up time is depending where are you stay, 2.00PM and 3.00PM

The temple (pura in Balinese) is built at the edge (ulu) of a 70-meter-high (230 ft) cliff or rock (watu) projecting into the sea.
starting from a leisurely 3pm pickup at your hotel to the dramatic close of the Kecak fire dance at sundown.…

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  • 饮品
    Mineral water
  • 交通
    #FREE pick up And drop FROM
  • 装备器材
    Sarong to enter the temple

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Hi everyone, my name is i wayan . I am Balinese born and raised, I have a great pride in Bali and its cultures. I began to freelancing as a tour guide and driver until now. My co host is putu wayan and komang, During this time I have served tourists from all over the world, my goal is to educate tourists on Balinese cultures and my knowledge of Bali and let you experience what Bali has to offer.
I Wayan
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In front of seminyak square
#For Solo traveler will be extra charge
for 250k

1.coffee plantation place
This is the special coffee from bali is made from the poo of the animas
2.Kecak dance
Kecak Dance is accompaniment music provided by human voice, sound gamelan, a hundred or more choirs who sit in concentric circles, sway, stand, lie down
3.Dinner Time
We have options for Dinner at regular warung that we can recomend On the way


  • JiWon
    It was the last day in Bali (My flight was 1AM) so I asked to pick up from Mengwi and drop off at the airport. The driver, Radih, was very kind and cosiderate. Before leaving, I needed to go to ATM (where was a bit far away) and turn back. He took me without searching because he knows well about this area. Since I spent more time to do this and it was weekend, there was traffic jam to Uluwatu temple. He even knows where is less traffic. Initially, I asked to go to local market for souvenirs instead of coffee plantation. Wayan arranged Kuta local market. Heading to there, I talked with Radih and decided to go to Souvenirs shop instead of market which was good choice. * Additional fee For a solo traveler : 250k Temple entrance fee : 50k Kecak dance : 150k Before going back to the airport, I wanted to take massage. Thanksfully, Radih said OK so that finishing time was late (10:30PM). Thank you very much! It was a perfect last day in Bali through this tour :)
  • Marcelino
    Nice trip. Got to put everything easy to take away like your glasses, hat, or phone in a secure place or bag and don't let go of it because the monkeys will rob you and can get aggressive
  • Hannah
    Wayan was amazing. Knew so much about the visiting place and was super friendly. Spoke English well and could make us laugh throughout the trip. Will defiantly be coming back and would 100% recommend to anyone visiting the area! 10/10
  • Elenio
    Wayan was really helpful from start to finish. He picked us up and discussed the plan, where we stopped at the coffee planation in Ubud. "Nic" at the coffee plantation was really nice where we tasted all kinds of coffees produced and showed us around. Then we headed to the Uluwatu Temple, where Wayan left us exploring the templr while he booked the Kecak dance tickets. The sunset was wonderful, even the dance was good. On a different note, Wayan whatever we asked he was ready to help all the time and also offered recommendations. Thank you Wayan :)
  • Kelsie
    We had Putu as our experience host/driver and spoke with I Wayan through the airbnb app, both were very friendly. Putu was very welcoming, helpful, and kind and Wayan was quick to respond with our messages/questions. We booked this experience last minute ( 2 1/2 hours before pick up time ) on our first day in Bali. The last minute booking was no problem and we heard from I Wayan right away with confirmation. We had questions about additional costs as the experience says 'no ticket costs are included' but we didn't know what aspects required tickets. Wayan was able to fill us in with the following information: The coffee plantation tour is free with free samples but you may want to bring some cash if you would like to purchase take-home coffee or tea. The entrance fee to Uluwatu is 50k per adult and 30k per child. The ticket price to see the dance at Uluwatu is 100k per person. These prices may possibly vary at different times of year, not sure. But these two costs are the only mandatory additional costs in the experience. There is also the option to stop for dinner after the dance. You can choose where you would like to go in the area/on route or ask for recommendations. You would have to pay for your dinner if you choose to do this. Overall the experience is great! It is very nice to have a host who isknowledgable and is always available to help. It saved us needing to find taxis/drivers each way. It saved time as Putu is able to show us exactly where to go and waited in line to get our tickets to the dance while we had the chance to explore Uluwatu. He also told us when was best to find our seats as the amphitheatre fills up quickly. Uluwatu is beautiful to see. Monkeys everywhere. The dance was engaging, very unique and told a story that was dramatic with some funny aspects. About an hour long. Sunset can be seen in background while play takes place. The visit to coffee plantation was also a nice bonus because we would not have planned to stop there otherwise. Putu is very very nice. Helped us learn how to pronounce some Balinese words and pointed out landmarks. Car comfy and air conditioned. Dinner was delicious. We recommend this lovely experience!
  • Amanda
    Wayan was excellent, his English was amazing and extremely accommodating and friendly. He shared lots of storytelling and was very helpful I highly recommend him. Wayan thanks for marking our experience wonderful, all the best to you and your family.


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