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2 个小时


Get the most out of your trip to TULUM.
Discover the tastiest hidden corners of Tulum by getting to know the local Mexican culture.
Meet new friends and enjoy the food and culture through the most famous dish in Mexico for the world "EL TACO"! Dare to taste the true Mexican flavor made with love by Mexican families. This 2 hour tour will visit 3 taquerias with different styles of tacos.



认识您的体验达人 - Edson

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I have been an expert taco connoisseur for all 29 years of my life. I have worked 15 years in customer service and the restaurant industry. I am from Mexico City but have spent the last 5 years traveling through the corners of Mexico and 3 years living in Tulum. I am passionate about food and I love to share my culture with new friends. I am honored to be your guide on this culinary adventure!
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Schedule horario:
9-11am and 1-3pm
the check point is oxxo bocapaila
El punto de encuentro es el oxxo de boca paila
the check point is colorfull TULUM sign
El punto de encuentro es el anuncio de TULUM en colores.


  • Haley
    Tony was super fun and knowledgeable about the history of tacos. The best part about this tour is getting the local’s perspective on Tulum, and being shown around streets that are not touristy, and that you would otherwise not have walked down. This is truly a tour you should take, for the value, for the friendship, and because Tony will show you the local side that has been lost among the bougie restaurants.
  • Adaure
    I had a little tour booked with Tony and had a great time. We walked and stopped by different taco shops with different tastes and meat options which were all great. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to walk around the city and have a feel of what the city locals do and eat.
  • Courtney
    SO MUCH FUN! IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE, THIS IS IT. If you are familiar with tulum then you'll know that this tour is off the beaten path which was great! There are several well known taco trucks and taquerias... this tour doesn't include those. Ha!! Tony takes you further down the road to visit 3 taquerias to experience 3 different types of tacos. One we tried was Suadero, like pork belly, it was delicious and as many times that ive been to the area, I never had that before! Tony shared so much interesting information about each place. He speaks English very well and is super charismatic. The tour took about 1.5 hours but it may change depending on the time of day because it sounds like it's best to get certain tacos at certain times. it was so much fun, safe and Que delicioso! Highly recommended!!!
  • Balu
    Super fun tour, Edson is very knowledgeable


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