13 Keys 夜间赏灯宝藏之旅




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The 13 Keys Very Merry Nights of Lights Scavenger is a unique and magical way to explore and enjoy the Oldest City at it's most wonderful time of the year! This special holiday hunt will take you through the historic streets of St. Augustine while you solve puzzles, learn intriguing history, and view over 3 million sparkling holiday lights. The 13 Keys Nights of Lights Scavenger is a jolly good time for all!




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    We provide all scavenger hunt materials needed aside from a fully charged p...

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Hi! I'm Heather, my husband Steve & I are the creators behind The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery in St Augustine, FL. We both love living in The Oldest City, there is so much history and so many many things to see and do. We have over 5 years experience guiding groups on historical tours, ghost tours and interactive paranormal experiences. Our experiences are authentic, thoroughly researched and a whole lot of fun. Join us for The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery, a fun and exciting way to truly see charming old St. Augustine!
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The Odd Macabre
圣奥古斯丁(St. Augustine)
St. Augustine is absolutely magical during the Holiday Season, starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving, running through Christmas and into the month of January, the Nights of Lights display is a yearly tradition boasting over 3 million sparkling lights all throughout the historic district.


  • Harry
    We had lots of fun learning about old St Augustine via the Nights of Lights Scavenger Hunt. We were able to take our time, take a break and do this together.
  • Zack
    Heather and Steve have a fantastic tour created here! We didn’t fully know what to expect until we arrived, but they have everything carefully planned and organized with nice surprises along the way to see some great lights. My wife especially enjoyed the hot cocoa to-go before we set on our expedition.
  • Carolina
    Had a great time with this experience. Hosts were extremely knowledgeable on the city’s history and are very passionate. Bring very comfy shoes , expect lots and lots of walking. Can be dog friendly if dog can hold up walking.
  • Latrice
    The idea for this event is great...sightseeing and the scavenger hunt. However...the weather was entirely too cold to be outside two hours (indicated time of tour) or more if you can’t find your clues...which we had a hard time with in general and even mire so with the cold weather because we were freezing and couldn’t think straight. The tour would be better if it was a more interactive scavenger hunt (w/ a guide out there with you) instead of just sending you out on your own.
  • K
    This was a super fun evening with my sister and our husbands. I highly recommend the adventure. It will be a forever memory of lots of laughter and fun.
  • Mark
    My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed the scavenger hunt. It was great way to get an overview of the town. I would highly recommend this tour. It would be a great thing to do on one of your first days in St. Augustine. You get a glimpse of several places. From there, you can decide on what you want to explore in greater detail over the remainder of your stay.