Learn to use a Cricut machine

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3 个小时


Did you just get a Cricut cutting machine for Christmas or your birthday? Overwhelmed by YouTube tutorials and blogs that you do not understand? Maybe you’ve had it for a year and are afraid to take it out of the box? I’m here for YOU! I will show you the basics of how to operate your machine, the different parts of the machine, tools, set up your Cricut access account, and cut out two simple projects using vinyl and card stock that you will complete in class.
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I have a full time gig, but am an artist at heart. My grandmother was a seamstress who taught all of her children to sew and that gift was passed on to me. I have taught classes for over 20 years, and Cricut classes locally for the past 4 years. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and sharing a personal touch one cannot get from a website or video.
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We will conduct our class in a warm and welcoming environment, with access to the internet and power for the machines. There will be plenty of room to work at various tables as you learn to assemble your project. References and resources will also be provided to expand and explore your knowledge and leave you thirsting for more!









Please bring your machine, this is a hands on class. You must also bring your Windows laptop or Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook). Chromebooks are not compatible with the Cricut machine. We ask that children younger than 12 be accompanied by an adult. Age of students: 8+


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