Private Photoshoot in Mdina




90 分钟


*Kids under 12 years old are free of charges*
We'll walk through the most picturesque areas of Mdina, stopping for photos along the way. Not only will you get to see some of my favorite spots in the city, you'll also receive beautiful photographs to remember your time in Malta.
Other things to note
Be prepared to walk a bit, wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes and big smiles!




  • 装备器材
    I will be fully equipped with professional Photography equipment.

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Hi my name is Danielle, I am a Brazilian photographer living in Malta for 9 years.
I have been photographing people from all over the world for 7 years. Mdina and Valletta are the two of my favorite spots in the Island to explore and see breathtaking views. I shoot portraits, couples, families and weddings all over Malta but the Capital City is by far the most beautiful backdrop. To view more of my work, visit
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Mdina Gate
We Will walk around Mdina, exploring the narrow streets and sidewalks. Stopping to photograph in some amazing doors and hidden spots.


  • Arshad
    It was a great great experience. Mdina is such a beautiful city and believe me it will look even more so in Danielle's pictures. She is a super photographer and will make you feel very comfortable clicking the pictures. Also, she knew all the spots where the pictures would come out great. I had a great time and super awesome images. For solo travelers or anyone for that matter this experience is a must if you are coming to Malta.
  • 文美
    The smile was very nice. I felt very friendly and relaxed. She took me to various beautiful places, and also taught me poses Photos haven't come yet, but I'm really looking forward to it! Thank you!
  • Elena
    Great experience! Danielle is a professional photographer and the photos are simply 'wow' due to her aesthetic eye and professional skills! Also, she has a warm and easy-going personality which made me feel comfortable posing for her camera. I liked the fact that she was very well prepared in knowing the best places in Mdina (walls, gates etc.) and also, a different way of how to get to those places avoiding the busy streets with the groups having guided tours. Of course, Mdina is a stunning place in itself and that makes this experience very-very special. Thank you, dear Danielle 💜. Warm regards 🤗
  • Ruth
    Dani is super sweet - felt so comfy when strolling trough Medina! All nice and easy - definitely worth it!


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