Tomiya 度假屋



$35 Simple Stay at the center of Sendai

This room is located at the center of Sendai. Easy to access everywhere. My room is very simple but has essentials you need to stay. 仙台駅西口方面にお部屋があります。 アーケード街や国分町からも近いのでアクセス便利で... 了解更多
$12 12 minutes to JR Sendai station

Only for girl. Good Location! 5 minutes to subway, 1 minutes to bus stop, 1 minute to a 24h convenience shop, and 3 minutes to a medical store, restaurants and laundries by walk... 了解更多
$20 12minutes by walk from JR_Sendai Staion

One bedroom, fully private apartment. Extremely convenient location, just a 12-minute walk from JR_Sendai Station west exit. There is a park across the street to get fresh air W... 了解更多
$33 Tatami &Tea ceremony experience! :)

This room is suitable for backpackers wanting a budget stay in a small Japanese style room in a traditional and characterful Japanese home. A Great place to relax and catch up i... 了解更多
$55 Very close to Sendai Sta. Available 6 people 703

My building is located very close to Sendai station east side. There are many restaurants and shops around my place. I prepared the mobile Wi-Fi in my place and you can use it... 了解更多
$24 Area No1 Excite SMALL Private room 車お断りします!!

If you come driving a car = No welcome !! please cancel ! sorry 駐車場が無いので、くれぐれも車で来ないでください。宿泊お断りさせていただきます、返金も致しかねます。キャンセルお願いします。(当方ホテルではありません民泊です)ご理解ください。 Gold prize winning a pr... 了解更多


$17 街中すぐ近く!広々とした一部屋 thanks for visit

ご覧いただきありがとうございます。 国分町、街中からすぐ近くにあるアパートの一部屋です。 徒歩1分のところにコンビニが2つ、 また、仙台では有名な「ラーメン次郎」や「ドンキホーテ」も近くにあります。 主な地下鉄から徒歩5分です。 立地が良く、旅行や出張で来られる方には最適でご利用いただけます! ・寝場所 敷き布団ダブル1つ、シングル1つ、ソファ... 了解更多
$37 Cozy&Relax 5 mins to Toshogu One Stop Sendai 401

5mins walk from Toshogu station. Toshogu station is one stop from Sendai station on JR Sendai-Yamagata line. There is a washing machine, working desk, coffee marker, TV(availab... 了解更多
$36 Uchi Matsushima guesthouse

Uchi is a private house newly built in March 2016 in Matsushima to cater the rising popularity of accommodations with local flavor. As the name "Uchi" refers to a private home i... 了解更多
$40 Only 2 mins from Sendai st. Very convenient 403

This apartment is located only two mins from Sendai station west exit. It`s useful to go everywhere. Only 30 seconds to very popular arcade by walk. There are two 24H open ... 了解更多
$37 Huge tea ceremony room! 1min subway

PRIVATE ROOM WITH KEY FROM 1 GUEST WITH REASONABLE PRICE!!! 675sf. The room is spacious,and has huge windows. The location is 1min walk from subway station and 1min walk from 24... 了解更多

More 度假屋 in Tomiya

$45 Sendai spacious house for a family/friend trip

If you are looking for a place you can have a relaxing stay with your friends or family, we would like to welcome you to our house which can accommodate 4~5 people ( We don't ch... 了解更多
$33 Matsusima2min

Also in life to be there sightseeing 3 minutes Dorakkusutoa and convenience stores from Matsushima Station to 2 minutes hall is a convenient location. 了解更多
$71 New Open|政宗の間|JP-Style Guest House|Max6|Free WiFi|

New open guest house.Japanese style wih 4 rooms.10 minutes by car from JR Sendai Sta .Perfect for small to big sized groups wants to enjoy a relaxing and to feeel historical exp... 了解更多
$43 Sendai Station - KIKObnb - room1

KIKO is my apartment, and KIKO hopes you stay with us when you visit Sendai. KIKO is in the center of Sendai and only a 10 minute walk from Sendai Station. While you visit, I ... 了解更多

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